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Sticking with the basics is sometimes the best approach for getting the message across. The simplicity and brevity of this creative resume template from Lucidpress lets you get down to business.

Red creative resume template


An exciting new opportunity is calling your name. The only obstacle is updating your old resume —the one that just never seems to format the right way in Microsoft Word. Our free resume templates take the frustration out of creating a modern, professional CV. Designed to be customizable, you can change the template's colors, fonts, images and more without downloading a complex design program. When you're finished, print or export your resume as a PDF for easy sharing with your go-to cover letter. Drag and drop your way to excellence in our intuitive online resume builder, and you'll embark on the next chapter of your career in no time. Select a resume template to get started.

A resume is the first impression you have the chance to make with a new employer while on your job search, so you’d better make that impression count. If you’re applying for your first job, a resume template will help you get started. Even if you’ve been in the workforce for years, the free resume templates you find here ensure you’ll always include all the information you need to land that dream job.

Why use a resume template?

A good resume template won’t just provide examples of what to include. The template will also show you what you can leave out of a good resume. Employers often have to go through dozens (if not hundreds) of resumes from job seekers. They don’t have time to read through a highly detailed resume that fills up four or five pages. By using a resume template free of clutter, you’ll only include relevant information for the position. In that way, you can be sure your resume will make an impact in a short amount of time.

Resume templates can also help you format your information while providing visual flair that will help your resume stand out. Templates also help by giving you a design that looks professional. Templates help you put together a resume in minutes, but employers will think you put a lot more time into it. Marq offers resume templates in several resume formats from simple resumes to modern and creative resumes.

Types of Resume templates

Simple resume templates

If you're applying to jobs at a large corporation or a government job, sticking to a simple resume template will help you get past ATS resume scanners. A basic resume template also makes it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to quickly scan your list of skills and job experience. See all of our simple resume templates

Creative resume templates

Creative resumes may break the traditional resume rules, but when you're applying to creative positions it can be a good way to provide examples of your skills for recruiters, especially if you're looking to make a career change. Use on of our unique timeline resume templates to show your creative job experience or a template with some clever icons to highlight your best skills. See all of our creative resume templates.

Modern resume templates

A modern resume template provide the same professional look as traditional resume templates while giving your resume a fresh design update. Write about your career experience and skills in a clean yet sleek format. Be sure to include a professional headshot if the resume template includes a photo. Then, download the resume and apply for your next job. See all of our modern resume templates