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Red and Black Dj Media Press Kit Template

Media Kits

Whether you are getting ready for a product launch, setting up a press section on your website or getting materials ready for a client, these media kit templates will be sure to impress. Each media kit template is professionally designed and provides ample space to describe your business and provide other relevant facts and information. Customize any of the media kit templates to match your brand and create a compelling story. So sign up for a free account and get cracking. Free publicity awaits.

What is a media kit?

A media kit is a pre-packaged set of information about a business or brand meant to inform the media and help them to write accurate stories about your business. Media kits are frequently used to provide information about product launches, an event or as a digital resume for bloggers, influencers or speakers.

What’s included in a media kit?

The recipe for the perfect media kit will vary depending on the type of business or brand. However, there are several key ingredients to include in any good media kit.

About Us: This section should include critical facts and details such as when the company was started and who the key executives or owners are. Additionally, provide some background on why the company was started and what your mission is.

Specific product/event features: Provide details on the product or event that the journalist will be writing the story about. Include any relevant dates and times, unique features and how readers can participate.

Media: Most journalists need photos or other art to accompany stories. Provide photos, video clips and audio clips that can be used as part of a story. Be sure to also include high resolution images of your logo.

Contact information: Include who the journalist should contact for more information as well as links to relevant web pages and social media pages.

What is an electronic media kit?

An electronic press kit (EPK) is a digital version of the traditional press kit. An EPK may be a dedicated page on your website or its own published page.

What is a social media kit?

A social media kit includes information from your media kit repackaged for social media. This may be a clip edited for Instagram or images created the right size for Facebook in addition to information on your social handles and hashtags.