Address label Templates

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This address label template, decorated with pink cherry blossoms, is a pretty and feminine design. Use it to mark your office or home address at your building's main door, or add it to letters and packages for a personal touch that will leave a lasting impression. It's easy to customize with the drag-and-drop editor in Lucidpress and, with a free account, you can save and lock the design for easy access in the future.

Cherry Blossom Address Label Template

Address label

Most people don’t put a lot of thought into their address labels. But a clean, attractive label can make your envelope or package stand out against the deluge of other mail. Whether you go with a modern or vintage look, the simple fact that you chose an attractive label instead of simply jotting down addresses with a marker shows that you cared about sending that particular piece of mail. Sending a greeting card with a fun address label attached, or printing a professional label for your business, creates a better impression on your recipient. And when it’s so easy to customize and print these address label templates with Marq, why would you choose not to?