Free Postcard Templates & Examples

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Smiling Girl Simple Real Estate Postcard

Smiling Girl Simple Real Estate Postcard

Real Estate Postcards, Postcards

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Free Postcard Templates & Examples

We bet you think postcards are old-fashioned. Well, think again. While old postcards have become collectors’ items, the modern postcard is a functional work of art with an intriguing range of uses in digital & print spaces. And with our direct mail service, you can easily deliver postcards to your home or office, a list of addresses, or even a local area. While designing our postcard templates, we brainstormed a few useful ideas to get you started. Use them as oversized business cards, advertisements, mini information sheets, informal office memos, wall art, stick-on-fridge reminders, announcements, invitations, compliment slips for shipped orders, educational flash cards and more! Just think: instant, eye-catching communication that you can design in only a few clicks. Sounds like postcards are here to stay.

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