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This book cover template uses one large photo to communicate the theme of the book. Whether you’re publishing a textbook, work of nonfiction or a piece of fiction with a strong central theme, this book cover will help to convey your overall message. Large color blocks separate the copy from the photo, allowing you to easily summarize the book’s contents on the back cover.

We recommend using simple fonts to balance out the large photo. Update the book cover to match your topic by changing the photo and pulling a color from that photo to update the spine and text blocks. Your new book cover will be ready within a few minutes.

Nature Book Cover Template

Book Covers

The saying may be, "Never judge a book by its cover," but every author and book publisher will tell you that your book cover is a key aspect for the marketing of your book. Each of our book cover templates is print-ready complete with book spine, front and back cover. Update each book cover layout with your own images and changes the colors, fonts and text to match the tone of your book. By using a book cover template, you'll create a polished design for your book cover whether you're self publishing or sending mock suggestions to your publisher. Sign up for a free account to start customizing a book cover template.