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Team Management

From administrators to power-users, Marq makes teamwork happen like dream work with enterprise-level collaboration and license permissions.
Custom Roles

Designate roles within your org

Share account management responsibilities with a variety of admin roles from billing, approval, data and more
Adjust settings at a brand, team, or individual level to create a platform experience that works for your organization
“View-only” roles save on license count while providing insight into how the platform is being utilized by team members
Group Management

Implement your team structure in the platform

Mirror your org structure and make use of unlimited groups and subgroups
Assign specific users to multiple groups while maintaining a primary group for easy license management
Share projects, templates, and folders at a group or subgroup level to create a tailored user experience

Make joint-effort on projects effortless

Collaborate in real-time on the projects that would benefit from teamwork
Leverage live-chat for quicker decisions and efficient edits
Leave feedback and comments on projects for team alignment
Approval Workflow

Smooth approvals from concept to final

Simplify creative reviews with a seamless approval process
Set approval workflows from account level to user-level to minimize unnecessary review cycles (including approval bypass for your confident power users)
Easily route approvals to the right people with designated approval permissions
Smooth approvals from concept
License Management

Painlessly manage your team’s licenses

Automatically grant licenses when users join a team or request another license, or auto-upgrade when you outgrow your license count
Customize the license request dialogue to direct users to your internal approval process
Set your preferred license management parameters, from automated to manual assignments, with the help of approved billing admins

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