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Brand Enablement for Healthcare

Streamline content creation across your healthcare system

Maintain brand consistency across your hospitals and clinics with a library of pre-branded templates anyone can use.

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Marq for Healthcare

Eliminate time consuming creative requests by giving every department and location approved brand templates that can be used again and again for any occasion.

Maximize creative resources

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Spend less time on small design requests by sharing custom brand templates with every department or location.

Maintain brand compliance

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Lock logos, fonts, legal language and more to keep your healthcare brand compliant across your entire system.

Engage with your patients

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Drive connection with patients through personalized content that’s on-brand and informational.


Create custom, on-brand templates in minutes

Here’s how modern healthcare systems are using brand templates to minimize tedious design requests and speed up content creation


Import your favorite designs

Upload your content designs from any design platform or use one of our ready-made healthcare templates and make it your own.
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Turn any design into a template

Turn designs into templates your providers can use again and again. Lock logos, fonts, colors, then share across clinics, locations, and providers.


Personalize and Automate

Allow teams to personalize their content or use automation to populate patient names, addresses, clinic locations, and more.
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Order prints or post to social

Require design approval, order professional prints, or post content directly to social media or the web.
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Focus on patient connection, not policing your brand.

Use Marq to centralize your brand assets and approved templates so nothing gets lost. This guarantees brand consistency across every design and allows teams to focus on what they care about the most—your patients.

Words you’ll never hear again:

“Can you send me our logo?”

“Can you make an edit to that proof?”

“I know I said that was final but...”

“What is our font again?”

“I have one more edit before we send to print.”

“I know this is last minute but...”

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Deliver brand consistent content every time.

By creating and sharing branded templates across your healthcare system, your patients will receive a consistent brand experience across every channel, and your team can focus on growing your healthcare brand.

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Questions? We’ve got answers.

What are Marq's design tools?

Brand Management for Healthcare involves strategic planning and execution to establish and maintain a consistent brand identity and reputation in the healthcare industry. It ensures that healthcare organizations communicate effectively with patients, stakeholders, and the public, contributing to trust, credibility, and positive patient experiences.

How do design tools leverage technology like AI and machine learning?

Brand Management offers numerous benefits to healthcare institutions. It helps build strong patient trust, enhances brand recognition, and differentiates healthcare services in a competitive market. Consistent branding also fosters staff alignment, facilitates effective communication, and contributes to overall improved patient satisfaction.

What types of projects can be accomplished using design tools?

Effective Brand Management in healthcare comprises several essential elements. These include defining a clear brand identity, establishing consistent visual branding, ensuring unified messaging across all touchpoints, fostering positive patient experiences, and continuously monitoring and adapting strategies to match industry trends and patient needs.

Are Marq's design tools suitable for beginners, or do they require prior design experience?

Absolutely. Brand Management plays a pivotal role in enhancing patient engagement in healthcare. By delivering consistent and relatable brand experiences, healthcare institutions can create an emotional connection with patients, establish trust, and encourage active patient involvement in their health journey, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.