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Smart templates + Data automation = Automatic document creation

By combining smart, lockable templates with data linking, Marq makes it easy to automatically create the documents you need most.

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Document automation software

What is document automation?

Document automation is a process to automatically create electronic documents. It uses logic to assemble new documents based on pre-existing data. That data could be anything from a paragraph of text (like a legal disclaimer) to details from a database (like a person’s name and contact info). This system makes it easy and quick to assemble legal letters, sales proposals, complex documents, and certain types of marketing collateral.

Update documents quickly

The biggest benefit of document automation software is the ability to update multiple documents quickly. Rather than having to go through each document with a fine-tooth comb, you can update all your documents at once. When you update your smart fields and import external data, Marq will dynamically change each document to reflect the new information. There’s less room for human error, and everyone gets the collateral they need fast—a win-win.


Lock down templates

You’ve never locked templates like this before. Marq uses advanced template locking to help brands control the look and feel of their documents—while still giving users the flexibility to customize the message. Protect your brand by locking down logos, fonts & colors, or even whole paragraphs of text. For example, need a legal disclaimer at the bottom of a page? With our document automation features, you can make sure all documents stay legally compliant and up-to-date.


Why Marq?

Marq is no one-trick pony—it does stuff no other document assembly software can. We’re pioneering the concept of brand templating with a slew of features our Business clients love.


Custom template library

Give employees the power to create beautifully branded documents via a custom template library. Import or create your own templates, then lock down the most important elements before sharing with the organization.


Digital distribution

When you publish a Marq document, you get a unique URL that you can share on social media or embed within emails and webpages. You can also download your Marq documents as optimized JPG, PNG and PDF files.


Approval workflows

Want to review and approve documents before they go out into the world? We’ve got a process for that. Set up an approval workflow so that no one can download or distribute a particular document before you’ve had a chance to review.


Real-time collaboration

Just like Google Docs, your Marq creations live in the cloud. Teams can access documents and work together from anywhere in real time. Our chat and comment functions keep everyone on the same page.


External data import

Bring the magic of document automation to your templates. Import data from a variety of sources to auto-populate your documents. Set up smart fields to fill in frequently used information, like names and addresses.


Print & ship

Who needs a print shop when you can print & ship? Order high-quality prints of your Marq documents directly from the editor and have them shipped directly to your office. Want to send out direct mail? We do that, too.

Best ways to use document automation software

1. Importing data for multiple clients

If you’re creating documents for multiple clients, you need document automation software to save time and streamline the process. Marq does both by making it easy to import data for multiple clients and apply that data to your documents.

2. Creating employee directories

Manually creating employee directories is tedious work, and it’s impossible to keep them up-to-date. Save yourself the headache and outsource the work to Marq. Not only will your employee directory be well-designed and on-brand—updating entries will be a snap.

3. Customizing contracts & proposals

If you’re still copying and pasting contract information from doc to doc, we have great news for you. Document automation can cut out the busywork by auto-populating that text whenever you need it. Set up smart fields to customize proposals with names, company details, service descriptions, and more.


How it works

  • Connect data sources.

    An admin will connect data sources to your team’s Marq account. For example, a real estate agency might connect to Zillow to pull in data from property listings. The most common data source is a spreadsheet, like an Excel or Google Sheets document.

  • Create smart templates.

    A designer or admin creates a template using smart fields that auto-populate depending on the data selected. Smart fields usually look like this: {{Name}} or {{Phone Number}}

  • Autofill documents.

    As you create or update documents, you can use data to autofill parts of the template. For example, if you’re creating an employee directory, you can click on an employee’s name in the data set, and their information will automatically populate your document.


"[Marq] makes it easy for people to create their own content without having to impact my department too much. They get what they need without us having to worry about them going off brand."

— Beth Hayes

Head of Marketing
University of Gloucestershire

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