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The university magazine is a powerful marketing tool. Give yourself a professional design with this complete university magazine template. Quickly update any element by double clicking on it. Stick to the university's colors and fonts by uploading them into the brand assets manager.

Blue University School Magazine Template

School Magazine Layout & Cover

School, college and universities can all benefit from a professional magazine. School administrators can use a magazine to share messages and updates with parents or teachers can use magazines to help students learn and share information on various topics. Colleges and universities frequently create magazines to share updates with alumni and share what professors and students are researching. To create a school magazine, start by identifying the topic. Will this be a quarterly news magazine or will the content follow a specific theme? Next, start by identifying specific articles and writing the content. Once the content is done, select a layout that matches the content. Incorporate compelling photographs or illustrations in the layout. Finally, publish and distribute your magazine. Choose one of our school magazine templates to help you quickly create a magazine design. Sign up for a free account to get started.