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Bus Trip Illustration Transit Ads Banner Template

Banner Ads

These templates look so real, you might think we’re running sponsored ads. Our free banner templates are designed to match Google’s and IAB’s display advertising guidelines, so you can create beautiful banner ads to use all over the web. Plus, it’s never been easier to drag and drop your way to seamless brand consistency with our innovative Brand Assets feature. From leaderboards to skyscrapers, we have pixel-perfect banner templates for any digital marketing campaign. You’ll be on your way to attracting more eyes—and more clicks—in no time. Fully customizable with our drag-and-drop editor, you won’t have to worry about creating the right size banner to meet ad platform requirements. Our free templates are already all sized correctly for banner ads, so you can focus on the design of your banner instead of size. Templates also allow you to customize as little or as much as you’d like. You can use the template as inspiration for something unique or add your branding and keep the rest. We have a wide range of free templates for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find one you love. Save time by letting Marq banner templates work for you.

Get professional results without a learning curve

It’s fast and easy to produce professional results with our banner ads. Our templates and drag-and-drop functionality make designing your banner quick, while still allowing you to fully customize. Our templates give you a place to start, and you decide how much you want to customize your banner. With Marq, you will end up with a professional quality banner design without all the work. You won’t waste time learning how to use complicated software that takes a lot of time and expertise to use. Marq is the perfect cross between simple and professional, giving you great design capabilities without a learning curve.