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Get relevant content into the hands of prospects faster

Empower teams to quickly customize sales collateral for prospects from a library of polished brand templates. No design skills needed.

• Quickly find relevant assets in a central template library
• Personalize with custom data, from contact to customer info
• Share directly to social, email, or print
• Ensure brand consistency with locked logos, fonts, and colors
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Help your reps spend more time selling and less time creating content.

Your reps need an easier way to share relevant content with prospects.

Every rep needs to provide personalized, on-brand collateral to prospects and customers to win more business.

But, there are too many hurdles for reps today:
• It takes too long to find the right piece of sales collateral from disparate systems
• Static assets provided aren't good enough for a highly personalized sale
• Reps try to customize assets to fit their needs, but end up going off-brand
• Submiting a creative request for a sales asset wastes precious time in the deal cycle

Luckily, there's a better way! 

Marq makes it easy for sales reps to find and customize assets from a library of brand templates so they can spend more time selling and less time creating content.

Spend more time selling

"Sales managers can allow their people to focus on prospecting and building relationships and not spinning their wheels being a designer."

- Matt Sweet, Product Marketing Manager, Fidelity National Financial

Send proposals faster

"We once had a very short turnaround and I was able to say, 'Actually, I have a template I can use. I can pull together a proposal for you in 40 minutes.' We could have never done that before."

- Anna Wallace-Thompson, Senior Writer & Editor, Sotheby's Auction House

Don't wait on design

"Marq introduced the concept of self-serve design requests to our business. For the very first time, not everything has to go through our design team."

- Bill McCandless, Global Head of Content Marketing Production & Operations, Kyndryl

How is Marq different from other sales enablement platforms?

No other sales enablement platform makes it possible to actually edit and customize content. While you may be able to swap the order of static assets and slides, static content doesn't deliver the personalized experience buyers expect. 

So, what do reps do instead? They create rogue off-brand content by trying to personalize content in other programs. But they aren't designers, and they shouldn't have to be. 

Marq's brand templates and intuitive editor make it possible for reps to easily find a relevant asset, quickly customize to their prospect's needs, and share completed content directly from Marq. And, brand locking ensures customizations are on brand every single time.


Share content across channels

Reps can customize and share content directly from Marq to the channels that matter. From email and social, to digital publishing and more, reps can easily integrate with the tools and systems they're used to to get content in the hands of prospects faster.


Ensure every edit stays on brand

Most sales enablement platforms provide a central location for static sales content. But static isn't good enough. Reps need to be able to actually edit and customize content to fit prospect needs. Marq's easy-to-use editor makes it possible for reps to customize any template, while brand controls and locking ensure customization happens within approved brand standards.


Integrate data for easy customizations

From rep contact info and customer data to pricing sheets and more, integrate core data from one central location to be used across all templates. Gone are the days of making tedious edits to pricing or a rep headshot in every single asset you use. Marq's custom smart fields make it possible for content to be automatically personalized from any data source you need to connect.


Help reps easily find what they need

Don't get lost in a mess of content across disparate systems. Marq is built for teams of all sizes and structurs to mirror the in-app experience with how your teams work. Share only relevant templates with the groups that need them rather than being limited to a one-size-fits-all interface for all teams. 

Deliver more personalized content to prospects to win more business.

How does Marq work?

By empowering sales with a library of brand templates, reps can quickly customize assets for customers while guaranteeing assets stay on brand. Plus, data integrations make it possible to customize content in the click of a button.

Here's how Marq makes that possible:

1. Design anywhere

Creative teams can build templated sales assets by importing existing designs from their favorite design platforms, creating from scratch in Marq, or using our library of templates as a starting point. 

2. Templatize anything

Once designs are added to Marq, design admins will lock down important design elements and add custom smartfields so customizations are easy and on-brand. Then, templates are tagged to make it easy for sales reps to find exactly what they need.

3. Personalize anything

Reps now have a library of relevant brand templates at their disposal. They can access anything from slide decks to one sheets to proposals and more, and make edits directly within the Marq editor, all while staying on-brand and on-message.

4. Share everywhere

Reps can immediately publish finished content to social channels, send to print, embed in an email, and more, directly from Marq. If needed, creative and sales can partner on custom approval workflows to ensure an additional set of eyes on completed content.

A sales enablement solution that protects your brand.

Align sales & marketing with Marq — the sales enablement solution that keeps your sales content in one centralized location so your team can spend more time selling and less time creating content.

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