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Brand Management for Financial Services

Guarantee brand compliance for presentations, quotes and more

Equip advisors and analysts with brand-compliant templates that can be personalized and shared with every client.


Marq for Financial Services

Cut out repetitive design requests for good by equipping advisors with lockable brand templates that can be used for every client interaction.

Maintain brand compliance

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Advisors can personalize documents and distribute polished content to clients without fear of breaking compliance standards.

Save time with automation

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Integrate data sets into templates so advisors can quickly generate rates, reports, and more with a single click.

Connect with more clients

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Leave a lasting impression on clients by quickly sharing personalized content when they need it the most.


Leverage data automation and brand templates
to distribute compliant content faster.

Maintain brand compliance and equip advisors, loan officers, agents,
and more with data-driven content that wins business.


Import your favorite designs

Upload existing client-facing assets from any design platform or use one of our ready-made templates and make it your own.
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Turn any design into a template

Turn designs into templates that your advisors can use again and again. Lock logos, fonts, colors, and more in place so everything stays brand compliant.


Personalize with buyer data

Advisors and agents can quickly personalize approved templates or use automation to instantly populate rates, compliance statements, and more.


Order prints or post to social

Advisors can request design approval, download content to share via email, or post content directly to social media or the web.
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Why hundreds of the fastest-growing
financial services brands love using Marq


Support your advisors

“The minute we rolled out Marq, we received positive feedback and saw immediate adoption from our team... We’ve proven that self-serve content can be fast, on-brand, and high quality.”

Bill McCandless
Head of Content House

Safeguard your brand

“Our creative team exists to present Yext in a consistent, buttoned-up way. Marq helps us do that by giving our reps the freedom to personalize their own assets while still adhering to our brand guidelines.”

Alex Felsenstein
Creative Director

Save valuable time

“I have three designers on my team and I need them focusing on the most complex projects. Using Marq is like having ten more team designers who deliver the same quality content every time.”

Bill McCandless
Head of Content House

Questions? We’ve got answers.

How does Marq enhance financial services content marketing efforts?

Marq's platform enhances financial services content marketing by enabling agents to rapidly create and update personalized, on-brand content. By using Marq's lockable brand templates and data integrations, financial services firms can produce content like rate tables and pricing sheets in seconds, ensuring up-to-date and consistent branding across all marketing materials.

How does Marq ensure branding in financial services is kept consistent and professional?

Brand consistency is crucial in establishing a professional image in the competitive financial services sector. Marq helps ensure branding in financial services is consistent by offering lockable templates. Logos, fonts, images, colors, and more can be locked down, eliminating the risk of off-brand collateral and maintaining a professional appearance across all marketing materials.

How does Marq's platform help in scaling content personalization for financial services firms?

Marq's drag-and-drop editor and shared template feature enable financial services firms to quickly personalize marketing collateral. Additionally, Marq allows for easy data integration, so you can populate content with relevant data like names, addresses, etc. This ability to create more content more quickly enhances content marketing efforts and helps in scaling content personalization effectively.

How does Marq's platform help financial services firms leverage existing content for marketing?

Marq allows financial services firms to import existing InDesign documents into its editor. This enables non-designer team members to easily customize templates as needed, thereby leveraging the existing content for more effective and efficient marketing.