Save the Date Templates

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The Goldleaf is elegant and stylish. The delicate filigree is what we think music might look like if it were painted. This save-the-date postcard template is perfect for invitations to grown-up functions, thank you notes, or event reminders. You'll find a handy stamp and address area on the reverse side (that's right, our designers are both imaginative and practical). A whimsical cursive font adds a personal touch to the call-to-action. If it were a dress, the Goldleaf would be haute couture.

Goldleaf Save-the-Date Postcard Template

Save the Date

Save-the-date postcards help to make a special occasion exceptional. Grab one of our save-the-date postcard templates to commemorate the most fun, exciting or memorable events of your life. Whether it’s an engagement, wedding, new baby or first job, invite your friends and family to share the moment with you. Choose from a wide range of styles, from humorous designs for a raucous night out to ultra-chic art even your future mother-in-law will approve of.

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