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Content Design

Help your teams produce impactful, on-brand content with integrated brand standards, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, sophisticated templates, and premium content locking capabilities
Brand Assets

Sync your brand's secret ingredients

Import your brand assets and determine acceptable use of colors, fonts, images, logos and text styles
Embed your brand standards directly within the editor experience so your team can create with ease
Manage your brand identity in one centralized location for streamlined updates

Build, edit, and execute on-brand

Make content creation quick and easy with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor
Edit shapes, graphics, layers, object arrangement, scroll areas, overlays, buttons, and links
Format image rotation, orientation, crop and mask, effects, opacity, borders, shadows, and more
Brand Templates

Expedite content creation with a robust template library

Design custom templates for your team to eliminate redundant design requests
Use the Marq template library to source new ideas or quickly create new designs
Lock down critical elements within templates to ensure team members build on brand
Content Locking

Confidently on-brand every single time

Create opportunities for users to personalize their content within specified guardrails
Utilize locking parameters at varying levels from overall projects and pages, to specific images or text
Use full or partial locking to control content size, position, or style to varying degrees
InDesign Import

Work seamlessly with your InDesign files

Import existing InDesign files and quickly convert them to brand templates
Specify template locking parameters
Share your newly created templates with the teams that need them

Start building on-brand

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