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To create a winning graphic design proposal, it needs to stand out not just as a good business proposal but also as a good representation of your design skills. Creating a custom-designed proposal for each potential client can quickly use up resources, but with a good graphic design proposal template as a starting point, you can quickly whip out beautiful proposals for clients. I'm a designer. Why should I use Marq? We're glad you asked. Marq offers many of the same tools and functionality as advanced design tools including custom fonts, image masking and shape alignments. However, it's also simple enough to use that you could offload proposal creation to a sales team, intern or even your little sister. For advanced users, quickly populate contact information and other repetitive information with our data automation feature. Already have a design proposal in InDesign? No worries. Use our beta Indesign Import feature to add your design to Marq. Ready to start making your graphic design proposal? Sign up for a free Marq account to get started.