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Brand Management for Software

Give revenue teams the tools to personalize their own sales content

Engage buyers throughout the sales cycle with brand templates that reps can customize for any deal at a moment's notice.


Marq for Technology

Eliminate one-off collateral requests by giving reps the ability to personalize their own content with lockable brand templates.

Increase content output

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Reps can personalize and share
on-brand content with prospects and customers without having to wait in line.

Maintain brand consistency

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Lock logos, fonts, images and more to maintain your brand image and minimize rogue sales content.

Empower your sales reps

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Equip your sellers with the latest and greatest content that engages buyers and wins deals.


Personalize content for every buyer without having to wait in line

Creative teams use Marq to maintain brand consistency and equip sales reps with content that engages and converts buyers.


Import your favorite designs

Upload existing sales assets from any design platform or use one of our ready-made templates and make it your own.
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Turn any design into a template

Turn designs into templates that your sales reps can use again and again. Lock logos, fonts, colors, and more in place so everything stays on-brand.


Personalize with buyer data

Sales reps can quickly personalize approved templates or use automation to instantly populate info like names, pricing, and more.


Order prints or post to social

Sales reps can request design approval, download content to share via email, or post content directly to social media or the web.
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Why hundreds of the fastest-growing
tech brands love using Marq


Support your reps

“The minute we rolled out Marq, we received positive feedback and saw immediate adoption from our team... We’ve proven that self-serve content can be fast, on-brand, and high quality.”

Bill McCandless
Head of Content House

Protect your brand

“Our creative team exists to present Yext in a consistent, buttoned-up way. Marq helps us do that by giving our reps the freedom to personalize their own assets while still adhering to our brand guidelines.”

Alex Felsenstein
Creative Director

Save valuable time

“I have three designers on my team and I need them focusing on the most complex projects. Using Marq is like having ten more team designers who deliver the same quality content every time.”

Bill McCandless
Head of Content House

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Can Marq be integrated into the sales enablement tech stack of a tech company?

Absolutely. Marq is designed to seamlessly integrate with various content creation, marketing, and CRM platforms. This streamlined compatibility allows sales reps to quickly and efficiently transfer data and assets between systems, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Moreover, Marq is user-friendly and requires little to no technical expertise. Sales reps can easily browse through a wide range of tech design templates, then personalize them with simple drag-and-drop functionality. This makes Marq not only a powerful brand templating tool for generating highly personalized and engaging content but also a time-efficient solution that sales reps can adopt effortlessly.

Does Marq offer SaaS design templates for technology companies?

Definitely! Marq offers SaaS design templates that are developed with technology companies in mind. You can easily upload your existing assets and templates from any design platform, or use one of Marq's ready-made brand templates, and customize them to best fit your brand image and sales strategy.

How do Marq's SaaS design tools streamline the creation and sharing of sales content in the tech industry?

Marq's SaaS design tools help streamline the content creation process by providing sales reps with lockable brand templates. These templates can be quickly personalized and shared with prospects, reducing the time spent waiting for one-off collateral requests. Reps can also request design approval, download content to share via email, or post content directly to social media or the web, all through the Marq platform.

How user-friendly is Marq's SaaS design platform for a tech company sales rep with minimal design skills?

Marq's SaaS design platform is designed to be user-friendly, especially for new or inexperienced creatives. The platform offers ready-made templates that can be easily customized as required, or you can create or upload your own all within Marq. It also supports automation to instantly populate information, making the design process even simpler.

How does Marq help tech companies stay competitive in the fast-paced market?

Having the ability to quickly produce personalized content can provide a significant competitive advantage in the tech market. Marq's tech design templates enable this by offering customizable brand templates, allowing sales reps to quickly adapt their communication strategies to different prospects and market dynamics.