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Content Management

Centralize your content and give everyone in your organization the ability to access the projects they need to execute on their roles
Projects Manager

Manage your content like a boss

Keep all of your projects in one location
Create shared projects within specific groups and subgroups
Generate custom project folders and subfolders to organize projects for easy access
Brand Assets

The end of sharing approved logos for the thousandth time

Centralize all brand assets in a single source of truth
Add logo variations for easy access and specific use cases
Add approved imagery to a brand images folder embedded in users’ editor experience
Templates Manager

Mass manage all of your templates

Your brand templates centralized with featured template designations to quickly reference priority designs
Customize template categories and filters to help identify use case
Personalized template access based on user role and permissions
Image Manager

Curate your brand’s photo album

Add approved imagery, from logos to on-brand photography in one easy to access location
Create a standard brand images folder for general use applicable for all users
Enable teams to find what they need faster with custom folders and subfolders, image tagging, and robust image search

Marq works in conjunction with your favorite tools

Sync with your digital asset management system and utilize your brand’s existing assets
Integrate with Dropbox, Facebook, or Google Drive to access externally stored images from Marq
Integrate with Unsplash, Icon Finder, and Bing search to access stock images within the editor experience

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