Content Management

Centralize your content and give everyone in your organization the ability to access the projects they need to execute on their roles

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Projects Manager

Manage your content like a boss

  • Keep all of your projects in one location

  • Create shared projects within specific groups and subgroups

  • Generate custom project folders and subfolders to organize projects for easy access

Projects manager

Brand Assets

The end of sharing approved logos for the thousandth time

  • Centralize all brand assets in a single source of truth

  • Add logo variations for easy access and specific use cases

  • Add approved imagery to a brand images folder embedded in users’ editor experience

Brand assets

Templates Manager

Mass manage all of your templates

  • Your brand templates centralized with featured template designations to quickly reference priority designs 

  • Customize template categories and filters to help identify use case

  • Personalized template access based on user role and permissions

Template manager

Image Manager

Curate your brand’s photo album

  • Add approved imagery, from logos to on-brand photography in one easy to access location

  • Create a standard brand images folder for general use applicable for all users

  • Enable teams to find what they need faster with custom folders and subfolders, image tagging, and robust image search

Brand Image manager


Marq works in conjunction with your favorite tools

  • Sync with your digital asset management system and utilize your brand’s existing assets

  • Integrate with Dropbox, Facebook, or Google Drive to access externally stored images from Marq

  • Integrate with Unsplash, Icon Finder, and Bing search to access stock images within the editor experience

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