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The Brand Enablement Playbook

In most organizations, the disconnect between brand and the rest of the organization is real.  On the one hand, brand and creative teams are constantly bombarded with requests, trying to fulfill as many as possible with limited time and resources. Most requests come with unrealistic turnaround times, leaving creative teams in a tough place to deliver.  […]
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The Brand Enablement Playbook

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6 Creative Processes You Can Template to Save Time
5 min

6 Creative Processes You Can Template to Save Time

As a creative marketing professional, you know how complicated and time-consuming creating and managing dozens of pieces of marketing content can be—especially when each one has custom details, brand design, and language standards, and often compliance requirements that must be implemented correctly. Making mistakes can hurt your client’s brand, not to mention your career. Templates […]
Unlocking Seamless
5 min

Unlocking Seamless Collaborations with Brand Guidelines

Collaboration is key for marketers and creative professionals. Whether it’s your internal team, contractors, or outside influencers you’re engaging with, a shared understanding of your brand ensures that everyone is on the same page. That’s why creating comprehensive branding guidelines with a clear brand style guide is so important for effective collaboration. Brand guidelines are […]
Group Therapy E2

Group Therapy E2- Win loss analysis, measuring marketing effectiveness, and the real source of truth

In this dynamite episode of our new content series, Group Therapy, Trenton Romph, Head of Marketing at Clozd shares some of the key things companies are missing when they don’t take the time to talk to their buyers. In the world of win loss analysis, Trenton has some incredible pieces of advice to understand marketing […]
Group Therapy E1

Group Therapy E1 – Marketing strategy, experimentation, and data

Jeremy Wold, Head of Marketing at Awardco, and Katie Krongard, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Marq, discuss brand strategy shifts during and post-pandemic, work culture, and how to achieve cross-functional collaboration from marketing strategy to execution. Jeremy shares that you should never sacrifice strategy for speed. Marketing collaboration starts with communication and empathy. Great collaboration […]
how to build a brand style guide
7 min

How to Build a Brand Style Guide + 7 Examples of What to Include | Marq

When you’re taking the first steps to build your brand, it can feel like a whole world of possibilities is at your fingertips. At the same time, trying to carve out a unique identity and space for your company can feel overwhelming. Trying to maintain consistency within your brand identity, stylistic choices, and big-picture vision […]
creative KPIs
6 min

10 Essential KPIs for Creative Teams and How to Track Them

“Art for art’s sake” was once a popular motto in the art and literature worlds. Creators wanted to make beautiful and meaningful work; whether anyone saw or appreciated it was a secondary concern.  In the marketing world, we’re also driven to create, but we have to be aware of our work’s cost and impact and […]
6 min

How to build a brand marketing strategy from the ground up 

Sometimes, getting back to the basics can re-energize your team and help your organization find alignment across every initiative. As foundational as it may seem, even the savviest of businesses re-visit their brand marketing strategy often to ensure it is serving their products, customers, and long-term goals. In this article, you will learn the basics […]
Important and How to Achieve It
8 min

Brand Consistency : Why It’s Important and How to Achieve It | Marq

What Is Brand Consistency? Brand consistency is the practice of aligning your organization’s messaging, voice, and visual identity across all its channels. We know it matters, and we’d like to dive into just how much. Built atop a foundation of brand values and clever messaging, consistent branding makes you more recognizable to both new and existing […]
what is a brand template
5 min

What is a Brand Template?

The landscape for marketing and brands is constantly evolving, with market shifts that require your teams to operate with agility. The ecosystem for design and creative requests has stayed relatively consistent, resulting in more work for design teams in desperate need of a straightforward way to scale easily. The term “brand template” has been kicked around a […]

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Brand Templating 101: How to use templates to streamline brand management

Marketing and brand leaders everywhere obsess over the question: how can I most effectively manage my brand? Yet, most brand management solutions fail to provide business leaders with the answer to that question.

Why? Because they don’t utilize the most precious resource a company has to offer: its people.
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