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How Does Collaboration Expand the Creative Process? 4 Tips on Practicing Creative Collaboration

Have you heard of the ‘lone genius’ myth? It’s the idea that the world’s greatest creatives - think Michelangelo, Einstein, or Steve Jobs - accomplished their artistic and technological feats by themselves. It can be an attractive myth, especially for creative and artistic types, but it doesn’t tell the full story behind these world-changing ideas. […]
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30 branding stats and facts
3 min

30 branding stats and facts

A brand is a funny thing. It's not something you can hold in your hand, yet a brand is the bread and butter of an organization. Without a stable, consistent brand, your company growth will be severely stunted. Not so sure? Well, we've gathered some facts and statistics for you to check out. Prepare to be […]
9 min

10 Brand Metrics To Evaluate Your Brand Marketing Strategy

What about these words makes them unique: Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonald’s, Gucci, and Ikea? There’s nothing particularly striking about the words themselves. What makes them special is the associations they evoke and how we feel about them. We see a brand name and instantly associate it with colors, logos, flavors, products, reputations, memories, positive (or negative) […]
7 min

Why a Brand Enablement Strategy is Crucial to Your Brand Strategy | Marq

We’ve been kicking around the term “brand enablement,” and the lightning-bolt level of excitement we have about it is unmatched. We can't help but think about the teams who often feel handicapped by their own brand. We consider the number of times content is produced that doesn’t align with brand initiatives, guidelines, or even strategy. […]
7 min

Collaboration in design: The key to creating effective content

As a Creative Director, you need designers to fly by the seat of their pants, take life by the horns and do whatever they need to do to get stuff done. Or, in other words, you need them to indulge their creativity, take abstract ideas and craft them into something relatable, tangible and personable — […]
brand templating
17 min

How to Use Templates to Streamline Brand Management

Marketing and brand leaders everywhere obsess over the question: how can I most effectively manage my brand? Yet, most brand management solutions fail to provide business leaders with the answer to that question. Why? Because they don’t utilize the most precious resource, a company has to offer: its people.  In this article, we’ll walk through how brand templating […]
best team collaboration tools
4 min

8 best team collaboration tools for your marketing team

The modern workplace has changed vastly compared to just a decade ago. It's now possible to do business with companies and people on the other side of the globe, with remote and distributed teams scattered across continents and time zones. However, one thing that hasn't changed is the need for collaboration. In fact, it's become […]
why is branding important
6 min

What is branding, and why is branding important?

If you Google "brand definition" you'll find forty-three different attempts on just the first page of search results alone. There are so many competing misconceptions about what a brand is that it might be simpler to say what a brand is not: A brand is not a logo. A brand is not a name. A brand […]
5 min

What does your website say about your brand?

The internet is teeming with sites vying for attention, and a poor first impression could very well be your last. It's a fine line one walks when it comes to nailing that website design. Some get it right; many don't. From the layout and navigation to the colors and fonts, everything has something to say […]
does your product packaging tell your brand story
4 min

How does your product packaging tell your brand story?

Why did you start your business? We're pretty sure it wasn't because you wanted to sell one product every blue moon, or because you don't care about the services you provide. Let's be honest: We all want to make a difference, and we want to be recognized for delivering exceptional experiences. Without a positive reputation […]

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Brand Templating 101: How to use templates to streamline brand management

Marketing and brand leaders everywhere obsess over the question: how can I most effectively manage my brand? Yet, most brand management solutions fail to provide business leaders with the answer to that question.

Why? Because they don’t utilize the most precious resource a company has to offer: its people.
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