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Group Therapy E4-Trends in Video Marketing

In this episode of Group Therapy, hosted by Marq, Chris Knudsen, former CMO at Purple, and Cole Parker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Marq, discuss the state of video marketing and the obvious trends many brands are ignoring.
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group therapy episode 4

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5 min

What does your website say about your brand?

The internet is teeming with sites vying for attention, and a poor first impression could very well be your last. It's a fine line one walks when it comes to nailing that website design. Some get it right; many don't. From the layout and navigation to the colors and fonts, everything has something to say […]
does your product packaging tell your brand story
4 min

How does your product packaging tell your brand story?

Why did you start your business? We're pretty sure it wasn't because you wanted to sell one product every blue moon, or because you don't care about the services you provide. Let's be honest: We all want to make a difference, and we want to be recognized for delivering exceptional experiences. Without a positive reputation […]
a minimalist's guide to brand identity
5 min

The minimalist guide to brand identity

Like many things worth learning about these days, brand identity is a topic that sometimes gets so misconstrued and complex that the whole thing turns into a big meaningless fugazi. For some reason, a lot of designers seem to think that making their ideas about brand identity sound more complicated will in turn make them sound like they […]
tips to coordinate your franchise marketing
5 min

7 tips to coordinate local & national franchise marketing

As a franchisor or franchisee, you understand how important marketing is for your business. However, with marketing happening on both sides of the franchise, there can a fair amount of confusion that results in marketing that cannibalizes itself. Related: 4 keys to successful local marketing There are many methods to handle franchise marketing. Sometimes, the […]
what is brand voice and why it matters
6 min

What is Brand Voice and Why it Matters

Your brand’s voice can be one of your most vital marketing assets if you do it right. The unique characteristics that make your brand stand out can come down to the words you use to define your brand’s product and position. What you say is just as valuable as how you say it. So, what is a […]
how to conduct a brand audit
9 min

How to Conduct a Brand Audit

What is a Brand Audit? A brand audit, also known as a brand assessment, analyzes your brand’s performance and market position relative to its objectives. It helps businesses to answer the question: Are our branding strategies achieving our marketing objectives? If not, why not, and what can we do about it?  Brand audits study how […]
10 min

How to Make a Magazine: The Definitive Guide

In some ways, making a magazine today is easier than ever. The internet puts free information at everyone’s fingertips, all instantly available through mobile devices. What’s more, every person online has the opportunity to create high-quality content if they so choose. From free magazine templates to stock image libraries, there are more options than ever. […]
increase conversion of your visual content
4 min

4 ways to increase conversions with visual content

Our perception, to a large extent, is governed by vision. We're attracted to visuals that make us feel good. It's why retail stores promote special offers with balloons and other decorations, because they know shoppers will get curious enough to come over. The same principle applies to web design and digital marketing. Related: 32 stats […]
How to make a newsletter in 9 steps
4 min

How to make a newsletter in 9 steps

Ever wondered how to improve your school or company newsletter? Follow these steps to take your mailing from "Meh" to "Wow!" To follow along and create a newsletter of your own, open the Citrus Splash employee newsletter template in Lucidpress—you can see the demo features right in the editor. Newsletters are published on a recurring basis to […]

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Brand Templating 101: How to use templates to streamline brand management

Marketing and brand leaders everywhere obsess over the question: how can I most effectively manage my brand? Yet, most brand management solutions fail to provide business leaders with the answer to that question.

Why? Because they don’t utilize the most precious resource a company has to offer: its people.
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