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Artificial Intelligence Design Tool
15 min

Artificial Intelligence Design Tool Statistics & Trends in 2023

This is a list of artificial intelligence (AI) design tools, statistics and trends of their usage, current standing and growth updated through 2023. In the rapidly evolving world of design, artificial intelligence is making a profound impact. From Midjourney to Mar, AI design tools are empowering creative professionals to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and create […]
The Brand Enablement Playbook
6 min

The Brand Enablement Playbook

In most organizations, the disconnect between brand and the rest of the organization is real.  On the one hand, brand and creative teams are constantly bombarded with requests, trying to fulfill as many as possible with limited time and resources. Most requests come with unrealistic turnaround times, leaving creative teams in a tough place to deliver.  […]
What is Brand Voice and Why it Matters
6 min

What is Brand Voice and Why it Matters

Your brand’s voice can be one of your most vital marketing assets if you do it right. The unique characteristics that make your brand stand out can come down to the words you use to define your brand’s product and position. What you say is just as valuable as how you say it. So, what is a […]
How to Conduct a Brand Audit
9 min

How to Conduct a Brand Audit

What is a Brand Audit? A brand audit, also known as a brand assessment, analyzes your brand’s performance and market position relative to its objectives. It helps businesses to answer the question: Are our branding strategies achieving our marketing objectives? If not, why not, and what can we do about it?  Brand audits study how […]
College orientation ideas, activities and icebreakers
4 min

College orientation ideas, activities and icebreakers

College orientation is an opportunity for incoming students to get their first glimpse of campus life. But it can also be overwhelming for a freshman who has never been away from home. The best college orientation programs welcome new students with fun orientation activities that encourage student engagement and connection. Let’s explore college orientation ideas […]
real estate branding survey
2 min

Top real estate brands: How well do consumers recall top real estate brand logos?

The real estate industry boasts some of the most iconic brands: Re/Max, Berkshire Hathaway and Coldwell Banker to name a few. But how recognizable are those brands’ logos to the general consumer? And does it match real estate professionals’ views of the industry’s branding? That’s what we sought to find out in our latest two […]
5 min

Take your content to the next level with our latest release: advanced analytics

Brand and creative teams invest valuable time in designing, building, revising, and distributing content. Audience demand for relevant content requires rapid insights into what is working across your organization. Establishing an easier way to audit content and build more of what your teams want and need is crucial in driving growth. You must rely on […]
7 min

The must-know metrics for content marketing effectiveness: move from output to outcomes

We all know content is the “fuel” for your business. The case is often made for consistency and connection with your audience. But how do you measure content marketing effectiveness?  It’s easy to get sucked into the trap of vanity metrics. If you focus on clicks and visits instead of quality leads, you may find […]
what is a brand template
5 min

What is a Brand Template?

The landscape for marketing and brands is constantly evolving, with market shifts that require your teams to operate with agility. The ecosystem for design and creative requests has stayed relatively consistent, resulting in more work for design teams in desperate need of a straightforward way to scale easily. The term “brand template” has been kicked around a […]
13 min

How Content Personalization Shapes your Content Strategy

Imagine with us your typical weekday morning. Perhaps your routine begins with checking the news cycle- eventually making your way to your email inbox, thumbing through the latest, archiving, and tagging as you go. The first hour of your Monday is likely focused on clearing notifications on various channels and involves a bit of a […]
what is brand equity
6 min

What is Brand Equity and How it Influences Your Content Strategy

The topic of brand equity has never been more relevant to us ,given that in July 2022, we took the risk of all risks and rebranded. While we had a loyal customer base going into the rebrand, it presented us with an opportunity to communicate who we are and what we do in a different way; a […]

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