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Group Therapy Ep 3

Group Therapy E3-How to keep your brand relevant when your business is constantly changing

In this chat with Adam Gunn, SVP of Brand at Pluralsight, and Cole Parker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Marq, they discuss the dreaded "C" word... change. Adam shares his thoughts about how brand teams can stay ahead of the curve when businesses are always changing their strategy along with some other nuggets on brand […]

Group Therapy E2- Win loss analysis, measuring marketing effectiveness, and the real source of truth

In this dynamite episode of our new content series, Group Therapy, Trenton Romph, Head of Marketing at Clozd shares some of the key things companies are missing when they don't take the time to talk to their buyers. In the world of win loss analysis, Trenton has some incredible pieces of advice to understand marketing […]
Jeremy Wold Head of Marketing, guest on Group Therapy content series

Group Therapy E1 - Marketing strategy, experimentation, and data

Jeremy Wold, Head of Marketing at Awardco, and Katie Krongard, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Marq, discuss brand strategy shifts during and post-pandemic, work culture, and how to achieve cross-functional collaboration from marketing strategy to execution. Jeremy shares that you should never sacrifice strategy for speed. Marketing collaboration starts with communication and empathy. Great collaboration […]

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