most common brand assets and templates for your brand marketing hub
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Most Common Creative Assets and Templates

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Brand Consistency : Why It's Important and How to Achieve It | Marq

What Is Brand Consistency? Brand consistency is the practice of aligning your organization's messaging, voice, and visual identity across all its channels. We know it matters, and we'd like to dive into just how much. Built atop a foundation of brand values and clever messaging, consistent branding makes you more recognizable to both new and existing […]
what is a brand template
5 min

What is a Brand Template?

The landscape for marketing and brands is constantly evolving, with market shifts that require your teams to operate with agility. The ecosystem for design and creative requests has stayed relatively consistent, resulting in more work for design teams in desperate need of a straightforward way to scale easily. The term “brand template” has been kicked around a […]
sales and marketing alignment
7 min

Sales and marketing alignment — the why, what, and how

Company growth is a lot like playing a game of telephone. The larger your group, the more convoluted and tangled the original story gets. And the more your company grows (both in revenue and people), the more disconnected teams become, making it harder to collaborate cross-functionally. That said, growth doesn’t just touch your headcount or […]