30 creative business card ideas & designs to help yours stand out

30 creative business card ideas & designs to help yours stand out


by: Dwayne Hogan

Here's a bummer statistic: 88% of people will throw away your business card within a week of receiving it. In fact, it is likely easier for them to just Google your name or business to find your contact info when they need you. But that's okay, because exchanging business cards offers so much more than a way for people to contact you when they need your services.

Whether you're at a job fair, trade show, or any other networking situation, your primary goal should be for people to remember you and your brand. With this higher goal in mind, here are 3 reasons why business cards still matter.

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1. They help you create the right first impression.

In any networking situation, you typically get one shot to make a great impression.

"A business card can, if one chooses, provide more than just contact information through graphics, mottos, type face, or other visual content," said Keith McHugh of Painted Rock Enterprises. "This additional content could elicit emotions or a message that helps you stand out from the crowd."

2. They present your brand as trustworthy and credible.

Building new relationships with potential clients, vendors, or employers requires you to break through any walls that they might have built up. A polished business card is one way you can build up enough trust to break down those walls.

"Not having a card makes you look like a brand new, one-person company that works out of the home and can't afford $25 for business cards," says Perryn Olson, marketing director at My IT. "Prospective clients do not want to gamble with an unproven vendor."

3. They're still an effective direct marketing tool.

Here's how the e-commerce platform Shopify defines direct marketing:

"...a promotional method that involves presenting information about your company, product, or service to your target customer without the use of an advertising middleman. It is a targeted form of marketing that presents information of potential interest to a consumer that has been determined to be a likely buyer."

There is nothing more direct than giving a potential client a handshake and a business card.

In fact, Mark Aselstine, owner of Uncorked Ventures, describes a recent situation where his business card drove tangible revenue:

"I definitely go back and forth if they're worth it, but I think they do help bring in sales, often in unexpected ways. As an example, I had a corporate client reorder a series of wine club memberships for holiday gifts this year, despite having the person who used to be responsible for the order leave the company. At first, I thought they had access to her email, but it turns out they found my business card in her desk after she left the company and looked up our history in their accounting software.

For me, there are times when I need to source a case or two of wine and I look through the stack of business cards to choose someone to buy something from.

In any case, as much as people want to talk about how antiquated business cards seem at times, they still do help drive sales, but often in unexpected ways!"

Ready to give your business cards a fresh look? Design your own for free right here in Lucidpress.

30 awesome business card examples to inspire you

Now that we know why it's important to create a memorable business card, here are 30 creative business card ideas you can use for inspiration when creating business cards.

Creative business cards

lucidpress lifestyle photographer creative business card

Source: Lucidpress

Warm pastel creative business card

caserne creative business card

Source: Lucidpress

Bold impressions business card

lemongraphic creative business card

Source: Lucidpress

Surf creative business card

thearslan creative business card

Source: Lucidpress

Character creative business card

manriquez creative business card

Source: Manriquez

Simple business cards

lucidpress classic blank simple business card

Source: Lucidpress

lucidpress lupine simple business card

Source: Lucidpress

emanuele cecini simple business card

Source: Emanuele Cecini

dk design studio simple business card

Source: DK Design Studio

erica boucher simple business card

Source: Erica Boucher

the mandate press simple business card

Source: The Mandate Press

Black business cards

noeeko studio black business card

Source: Lucidpress

markus tsang black business card

Source: Lucidpress

nathan riley black business card

Source: Nathan Riley

handsome black business card

Source: Handsome

danny jones business card

Source: Danny Jones

Double-sided business cards

lucidpress outdoor photography double sided business card

Source: Lucidpress

perconte double sided business card

Source: Perconte

claudia argueta double sided business card

Source: Claudia Argueta

mark brooks double sided business card

Source: Mark Brooks

gagik mesropian double sided business card

Gagik Mesropian

mike camera double sided business card

Source: Mike Camera

Vertical business cards

lucidpress corporate portrait vertical business card

Source: Lucidpress

lucidpress monochrome design vertical business card

Source: Lucidpress

lucidpress modern vertical business card

Source: Lucidpress

lagoo vertical business card

Source: Lagoo

janne koivistoinen vertical business card

Source: Janne Koivistoinen

martina obertova vertical business card

Source: Martina Obertová

giorgia smiraglia vertical business card

Source: Giorgia Smiraglia

vik design vertical business card

Source: Vik Design

Feeling inspired? You can design and order your brand new business cards right here in Lucidpress.


Dwayne Hogan

Dwayne Hogan is the SEO Manager for Lucidpress.  Connect with him on LinkedIn and on Twitter: @dwaynehogan.

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