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Choose from over 10,000 creative templates

Social media
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How to start creating designs

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Customize it with your colors, fonts, & images

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Over 6 million people create with Marq’s free design tool

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You don't need to be a design expert to create great content.

"With Marq, you don't need to be a design expert to create great content. You have access to a variety of ready-made templates that can save you time and effort.

It is the perfect tool for users who want to develop quality branded content but are not design experts."
Florence P

Create documents which look beautiful

“Love it. The ability to create documents quickly - and which look beautiful - is hugely valuable.

We can produce our own content without paying external designers and keep all items consistent with our branding”

My go-to publishing software for over 5 years

“Marq has been my go-to publishing software for over 5 years. We create newsletters, campaign mailers and more with ease.

I love having such a strong cloud based publishing software with lots of beautiful templates and functionality.”

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Facebook posts

promo flyers

Promo flyers



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logos template


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Get a template made specifically for the job you do
real estate template

Real Estate

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Powerful tools to enhance your designs

Find the right tool to speed up the process to make more efficient designs 
image background remover

Background remover

Giant Owl logo

Logo maker


Brochure maker

qr code generator

QR generator

resume builder

Resume maker

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With Marq, you can make anything

Anything your brand might need, anyway.
When you’re brand-building, your tool should grow with you.
To deliver what your brand needs today, in a few months, or five years from now.

We’re your brand enablement platform.

Here's everything you can do with Marq.

Here’s how to build your brand in Marq

Choose your template
Import your assets
Invite collaboration
choose and create templates in Marq

Browse our collection of professionally-designed templates. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


In Marq, you can import your brand assets like logos, fonts, and colors. This involves uploading these assets directly into the Marq editor. If you have existing design assets in InDesign, you can import those files directly into Marq.

Download and share

Collaborate with others on your projects in real time. This feature allows team members to view, edit, and comment on the same project simultaneously, facilitating more efficient teamwork.

Share any where

Marq offers various options for exporting your projects. After completing your design, you can share it with others, download it to your device, or even order physical prints. The exporting feature allows you to distribute your project in a manner that best suits your needs​

Start creating—even with no design skills

Pick a pro template and get your design customized, branded, and finished in minutes.
Free to get started.

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What defines a design tool for creators?

Make it a free design tool
Offer pro templates to build out any design.
Make brand assets importable.
Make it cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere from any device.
Creat features so your users can build anything

Import your brand

Import your brand colors, logos, and fonts. Make any template automatically yours

Smart fields

Automatically populate you and your team’s info into any document

Easy collaboration

Add collaborators or reviewers to any document for edits or direct comments

Shareable templates

Shareable templates

Create and lock down your own branded templates to share with any collaborators


Brand locking

Brand controls you can depend on so your team can run wild (mostly). Confidently on-brand.

Share, publish, print

Deliver your content to your audience directly with social publishing & direct print.

Browse all features

A free design tool means you can finish your projects even faster
Here’s what else you can do for free

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Never run out of ideas


10K+ professionally-designed templates

Find the inspiration you need to create content on a daily basis. Our online library is frequently updated with new templates for social media, web, and print formats.
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Huge library of design elements

Keep those ideas flowing! Use our ever-growing library of fonts, music,
animations, illustrations, backgrounds, objects, and more free design
elements for your projects.
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Creative Assets: 1M+ stock photos

Enjoy a library of royalty-free stock photos, videos, and vectors to find
the right pictures and visuals for your projects.
Create a design

Showcase your brand online

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Brand Kit and Styles features

Upload your brand colors, fonts, and logos to have them easily
accessible in your Brand Kit. Use the Styles tool to pull colors from
templates and apply them to your own. Easily mix and match colors
and font pairings to any template you choose.
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Embed and interact

Engage your viewers with embedded videos, gifs, Matterport, clickable elements, and more
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Data into design

Use Smart fields and data automation to automatically populate info
from a datasource into your project
Create a design
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Collaborate and go live

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Use brand management tools to easily build and scale your brand with consistency
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Share and export

Make your own designs and post them for socials. If you’re working with select print formats, send them for print through our printing service!
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Design together with your team

Collaborate on designs together with your team members. You can
invite up to anyone to join you and work on projects at the same
Create a design

Whatever device you’re on, Marq will work on it.

Along with these design, productivity, & marketing tools


Frequently asked questions

Is Marq a free design tool?

Yes, absolutely! Marq is a free design tool that offers a wide range of creative capabilities without any cost. It provides users with access to an array of design features, templates, and resources to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life without having to pay anything. Like many SAAS products, Marq does offer paid versions of their tool to utilize additional features like template locking, team collaboration and more.

What are key features to the free design tool offered by Marq?

Marq's free design tool is packed with an extensive set of features to cater to your creative needs. It includes a vast library of design elements, user-friendly editing tools, customizable templates, and the ability to export your designs in various formats. You can create logos, social media images, feature images for websites and much more for free with Marq.

How can I access the free design tool?

Accessing our free design tool is simple. On this page, click any of the buttons to start designing, or begin by creating your free account by selecting "sign up free" at the top of the page. No payment is required; it's completely free for you to use and explore.

Are There Any Costs Involved in Using Marq's Free Design Tool?

No! You can clearly and easily start designing in Marq right now for free. Any additional costs come with accessing premium features that help designers and teams scale their design productivity.

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