Popular Instagram filters and how to use them


By: Kaz Weida

Instagram, aka the home of the selfie, has turned into a powerful platform for brands to be anything but shy. But even if your business has been on Insta for years, you may not be using those special Instagram effects to their fullest potential. 

Once you’ve got a handle on how to create a dynamic profile and timeline with Lucidpress Instagram post templates, it’s time to make the most of your  Instagram filters. Come take a peek at one of IG’s newest tools to see how your brand’s signature aesthetic is just a tap away.

What are Instagram story filters?

Valencia. Clarendon. Gingham. If these are the Instagram filters you’re applying, you’re missing the bigger picture. Behind the story function on your IG profile lies a wealth of visual interest in the form of Instagram story filters. If you’re new to Instagram stories, you can get started with Lucidpress Instagram story templates.

Instagram story filters use augmented reality and other effects to modify your photos or videos. With these creator-sourced filters, you can discover a new color palette and introduce interactive elements to your Instagram story content.

Learn how to search filters on Instagram

So how do you find all these fantastic Instagram filters? Follow the following steps and get started exploring Instagram story filters.

Step 1: Start a story by selecting the + sign on your profile pic.

Step 2: Once you’re on the stories screen, preloaded story filters are at the bottom.

Step 3: Scroll through by swiping left and find one you like.

Step 4: Take your photo or video by tapping the filter button.

Like your new filter? Save it by clicking the down arrow next to the creator name and selecting “save effect.”  Here are few other ways to find story filters on Instagram.

Search for Instagram filters by creator

If you find a filter you like, chances are the creator will have more effects you’ll also appreciate. Click over to their profile and tap the smiley face above the Instagram grid to find more story filters from the same creator.

Search for Instagram filters through your friends

When you stumble across a friend using a story filter you’d like to steal, click into the story and find the name of the filter and the creator. Tap on it and try for yourself or opt to save the Instagram effect for later.

Search for Instagram filters in the Effects Gallery

Instagram has added an effects gallery so users can easily find story filters. Once you’re in a story, continuing swiping left until you see the magnifying glass icon. Tap and you’ll be transported to the Effects Gallery, where thousands of creators have uploaded story filters. Search by categories to find just the right aesthetic for your shot.

How to use Instagram filters

Once you’ve selected an Instagram filter, there’s plenty of options within each story filter to enhance and layer effects on your photos or videos. Some filters provide options to increase or decrease effects like lighting, distress and vignetting. The standard options for editing you’d find in Instagram posts are also available in Instagram story filters, including layout options and superimposing text. 

5 popular Instagram story filters you should try

If you’re ready to jump into better visual storytelling, here are five suggestions for the best story filters to download.

1. Presets by @thaifurtado

Hop into a pack of preset effects from Instagram creator Thainá Furtado to get popular, minimalist filters like “Aesthetic Colors” and “Moody Tones” that are great for branded lifestyle and product content.

Preset filter

2. Pink Preset 2 by @marinabraunnn

Get that rosy glow with the “Pink Preset 2” filter from Instagram creator Martina Braunn. Perfect for transforming travel photos or selfies with subtle coloring that lends mood and ambiance.


3. retroCAM by @yulya.kors

Grab a subtle vintage feel without verging into the cheesy with this filter from a popular Instagram creator. The “retroCAM” provides a cleaner feel that doesn’t venture into grainy with just a few specks on the screen to convey a throwback atmosphere.

retroCam filter

4. Boho Filters from @janmahavan

If you’re searching for the bohemian aesthetic of muted pastels, looking no further than the story filters of Facebook Spark AR partner Jan Trejo. The dreamy tones of the “Boho Filters” lend a nostalgic feel that translates well into trendy visual storytelling.

boho filter

5. Bahamas by @bryant

It’s hard to steer anyone wrong with a classic. “Bahamas” is one of the most popular Instagram story filters for the beachy feel it conveys, but influencer photographer Bryant Eslava has a slew of others you’ll want to try including “Grainy” and “Golden Love.”

bahamas filter

Create your own Instagram effects with story filters

Once you’ve tried other creator filters on for size, you can customize and promote your own Instagram story filters. Wander on over to Facebook’s Spark AR platform to get started with tutorials for how to leverage 3D effects and photo filters to create your own fresh look. Facebook insists effects tools are accessible for all Instagram users and don’t take much tech know-how to get off the ground.

Benefits to your business of using Instagram filters

Whether you’ve found a filter that’s perfect for your purposes or decided to create your own, there are lots of reasons to use Instagram story filters for business. In addition to dialing in your social media presence to be consistent across all your channels, having a vibrant, custom look to your Instagram pays off. The aesthetic you create can not only elevate your branding but communicate your business knows how to be playful yet professional on social media.

Explore creating branded content and leveraging Instagram for business with Lucidpress Instagram templates.

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Kaz Weida

Kaz Weida is a freelance journalist and photographer who is passionate about crafting content that helps entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes tackle challenges. When not at her keyboard, Kaz can be found in the kitchen indulging in a little craft cocktail inspiration.

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