6 catalog design ideas

6 catalog design ideas

by: Kaz Weida

Struggling to find fresh ideas for your next catalog? Does your existing approach to catalog layouts need a modern update? Despite the abundance of email and online marketing campaigns, catalogs still hold a vital place in communicating the style and purpose of your brand. From print brochures and booklets to online product catalogs, a dynamic, well-designed layout can make a significant impact on potential customers and clients. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to go back to the veritable drawing board to come up with fresh catalog design ideas. Lucidpress has a customizable, easy-to-use collection of catalog templates that can be adapted to meet your needs no matter the industry or audience. Whether you’re looking for innovative product catalog design ideas or gorgeous, glossy catalog cover inspiration, our templates have you covered.

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6 catalog design ideas to consider

When your catalog needs a refresh, look no further than the Lucidpress catalog template collection. Our customizable templates feature modern graphic design elements that can punch up the playful or create a sleek new look for your next campaign. Below are a few product catalog design ideas featuring bold branding and unique catalog cover design ideas that’ll transform your approach to print and online catalogs.

1. Let visuals lead

Our kid’s catalog template can be adapted to any approach where you want impactful visuals to do the talking. With minimal text overlaid against full-page photos, this catalog puts images front and center without the distraction of competing graphic design elements. This template is full of product catalog design ideas that create visual opportunities to frame your brand as an integral part of your customer’s daily life. 

kid's catalog template

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2. Play with patterns

Product catalog design ideas don’t have to be boring or minimalist. Playing with patterns or pops of color can provide a unique approach to catalog cover design ideas. This product catalog template maximizes the impact of a colorful pattern as a backdrop and then carries those same graphic design elements throughout the pages. This is one of several creative product catalog ideas in our template collection that leverage the use of color and pattern to create bold branding.

patterns product catalog template

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3. Choose clean design and modern lines

Put your products forward without the fuss. Our contemporary furniture catalog template offers clean catalog design ideas that let products shine and can be adapted to suit a wide range of items. Customizable page layouts include a large image approach or a windowpane of smaller images that lends flexibility to suit your product line. With modern lines and one of our most appealing, minimalist catalog cover design ideas, this template doesn’t have to shout to get attention.

contemporary catalog template

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4. Make it reader-friendly

Got a lot to say? That’s okay. Our catalog design ideas can accommodate extra text or be adapted to become online or print brochures. These high-quality layouts can be the cornerstone of your marketing approach at conferences or on the showroom floor. Whether you’re featuring products or services, this catalog template can be adapted to highlight a few items or expanded for a bird’s eye view of an entire product line. Add your own branding elements to this clean, traditional design to create professional catalogs and pamphlets that put your best foot forward.

tech catalog template

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5. Keep it simple

The strength of your catalog graphic design is defined by what’s on the page but also by what isn’t. Catalog cover design ideas like this template utilize blank space to create a breezy, beautiful layout perfect for a boutique brand. Sixteen pages of customizable templates mean you can show off highly stylized photos and explore catalog cover design ideas that create impact. Whether you’re an up-and-coming hipster brand or a company looking to embrace a new aesthetic, our boutique catalog template provides the space for your brand to find its voice.

boutique catalog template

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6. Go bold with branding

This outdoor-themed catalog template isn’t just for sporting gear. It can be customized to tackle all kinds of product catalog design ideas, from clothing to housewares and more. This template’s perfect blend of visual content and graphic design elements creates a drag-and-drop catalog that is surprisingly adaptable for whatever adventures your campaign wants to take on. Go wild with your own brand colors, logos, and product layout pages and see where this catalog template can take you.

camping catalog template

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Kaz Weida

Kaz Weida is a freelance journalist and photographer who is passionate about crafting content that helps entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes tackle challenges. When not at her keyboard, Kaz can be found in the kitchen indulging in a little craft cocktail inspiration.

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