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Brand and creative teams invest valuable time in designing, building, revising, and distributing content. Audience demand for relevant content requires rapid insights into what is working across your organization. Establishing an easier way to audit content and build more of what your teams want and need is crucial in driving growth. You must rely on communication and ongoing feedback as the only way to know if your team utilizes the content your designers worked so tirelessly on until today. 

At Marq, we know that your organization’s primary growth driver is your content, and optimization is critically important. Today, we announced the release of Marq Advanced Analytics. Now, you can see how individuals and teams across your organization use your branded templates, giving you the valuable insights you need to build better content. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • The importance of keeping your branded templates fresh and relevant for the teams that use them

  • Why visibility across your content is so essential 

  • Insights that Marq Advanced Analytics offers

  • How you can use this data to optimize your content (and save time when conducting template audits)

With that, let’s get into it.

Manage your branded templates with confidence

One of the cornerstones of a modern brand strategy is a term we like to refer to as brand enablement. You win when your brand is accessible and usable by teams across your organization. Brand enablement encompasses everything from brand standards built for non-designers to brand asset accessibility to branded templates, so your teams can build their own content. 

55% of successful content marketing strategies focus on improving the quality of their content (Semrush, 2022). Quality content assumes that it is an ongoing process with several iterations. Final is never final, but imagine how much easier it would be to improve content if you could combine content effectiveness analytics with content usage data.

At Marq, we’ve helped businesses and brands make it easier for teams to build their own branded content by enabling them to manage their brand through one centralized platform. Our customers across every industry have benefitted from implementing a brand management strategy that includes branded templates.   

When your teams have access to templates, they can personalize content for their specific use, and your organization can move faster to connect with your audience. You likely already have the data to measure if your content is successful once published, but do you know what templates your team uses most? Your template library should be managed well and filled with relevant options that your team will use and celebrate. Brand enablement assumes that you provide your organization with suitable templates optimized for design and use cases. To equip your team with your brand, you must know how they engage with it. 

Some of our customers have dedicated administrators who field template requests from cross-functional teams. While this is a great strategy, it relies heavily on communication and doesn’t give a complete picture of what templates are actually used. It is a large task to continuously audit your template library and gather information from template users across your organization. 

You want to provide templates that your team will use, and you want to know if a template isn’t working for them. You also want to save your designers valuable time, ensuring they are not wasting it designing templates that will go unused. The bottom line? To manage your templates well, you need time, and depending on the size of your organization, you may not have the time to give.

At Marq, we are all about saving you precious time so you can focus on strategic projects. We want to give you time back! Marq Advanced Analytics helps with that. Most importantly, it gives you visibility on the templates used (and used often), so you can improve your content strategy and enable teams across your organization.

The benefits of content visibility

So often, organizations work extra to ensure teams are not operating in silos. Communication is critical, and collaboration to optimize your templates will allow your team to move on content initiatives confidently. But, to do this, you have to rely solely on communication channels and ongoing feedback. Work gets busy, and this level of consistent communication is sometimes difficult to maintain. 

They say the left-hand wants to see what the right hand is doing. In this case, designers want to ensure that their templates do not go unused. They also want to know if the use of templates varies from team to team; if regions require different templates because of their audience or use case. There are so many factors that could impact how and if a template is utilized. Visibility by user, team, region, and beyond is the kind of insight needed to supercharge your brand strategy and allow you to create better templates.

Building branded content is a task in and of itself. You shouldn’t have to make decisions in the dark and rely on team members to deliver prompt feedback to optimize your content. 

Meet Marq Advanced Analytics

Useful data makes a difference. Starting today, in just a few clicks, you can report on template usage from user to user, by team and region, across your organization. Marq Analytics gives you the visibility you need to make better design decisions and equip your teams with templates they will actually use.

With Marq Advanced Analytics, you can:

  • Pinpoint your most used templates so you can build more of what’s useful

  • Identify content that’s going stale and needs a refresh

  • Slice and dice data by team, region, and more to identify Marq super users

  • Send usage and template reports to leaders across the org with a single click

And so much more. 

Marq Analytics Projects by Template CategoryMarq Analytics Template Adoption

Now, you can track content activity, measure template adoption, quickly and easily identify stale templates, and speed up content approvals. This means that, finally, you will have insights at your fingertips and access to content analytics specific to your organization. You know, the sort of metrics Google can’t measure. 

Marq analytics approvals dashboard

You can look at outstanding template approvals, pending requests, and published content, to keep your teams running and on track. You can now see a breakdown of content usage across all teams globally and make decisions on the kind of content based on region-specific needs and uses. You’ll also be able to see which users are utilizing Marq, giving you the perspective you need to help teams execute consistently and confidently.

Brand template audits just got more manageable, and now, your team can build more of what’s working to drive growth for your organization. 

Marq Analytics Unused Templates

Here are the finer details. We are launching two levels of analytics. 

Marq Analytics includes foundational insights for implementation. These fundamental insights will be helpful as you roll out Marq to your organization. Marq Analytics looks at high-level template engagement, total projects created, downloaded, published, and shared. This level of analytics will give you insights into the foundational state of your templates and is for organizations with a template library of -10. 

Marq Advanced Analytics is for organizations with a more robust template library (+10). You will benefit from deeper template insights, understand what teams are using, quickly see the most popular and unused templates, and gain access to look at outstanding project approvals. Marq Advanced Analytics measures content output and gives you the complete picture of the most effective templates for which teams. 

We are excited to see our customers benefit from these crucial insights and thrilled to take the Marq platform to the next level. To learn more about Marq Advanced Analytics, schedule a 1:1 with our brand-templating experts.

Marq Analytics Insights for Better Branded Content

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