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Empower your team and your campus clients with on-brand templates, lockable design elements, & streamlined approvals.

Free up your designers to build the brand, not police it.
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"We no longer make decisions out of fear"

Before we would take on a project because we’d be afraid that departments would do it themselves and it wouldn’t be on brand.

With Marq, we don’t have to do that. We no longer make decisions out of fear. Instead of feeling like short order cooks, now we can prioritize brand strategy. We can do what we do best, which is positioning, protecting, and promoting the Purdue University brand.
- Kelly Hiller, Executive Director, Creative Services Purdue University
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A better way to protect your brand (and your design team’s time)

A never-ending queue of urgent design requests? Rejecting another stretched logo? And the history department still wants to use papyrus font?

Within one dashboard, you can support and empower your campus clients to create assets for themselves.

Without the need for your team to play “brand police.”
Or a continual thread of tweaks and proofs.

Easy email-free approvals.
On-brand collateral.
All within one dashboard.

Keep your campus clients on brand.
Keep your school brand strong.

And get your team out of the email bog and into business of brand building.

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"Campus clients stay on brand"

Marq templates empower people who aren’t designers to learn how to take control of daily design. Many wish they had a design eye, but most of the time... they don’t.

This way we can empower our campus clients to stay on brand by locking down aspects of the templates, but they can still be creative and feel like they’re able to tackle these projects without bringing in someone from our team.
- Delaney Adrian Graphic Designer, Western Colorado University
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How Marq Works

Upload your assets

Create searchable libraries with all the brand collateral and elements.

Upload your existing Adobe InDesign files for an automatic conversion or make them fresh.

Your designer will love that they only have to make these once.

Create and lock your templates

Finalize your templates and lock all the elements you need. Including logo placement, department lock-ups, images, fonts, and school colors.

Simplify the approval process

Set your user permissions, and empower your campus clients to make changes for approvals in real time. They can customize templates, create variations, and even distribute their materials to social or to print.

All from within the dashboard.
Without bogging down your designers.

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Free your design queue with Marq

Here's even more you can do with Marq

Branded templates for any asset

Social posts, lecture flyers, faculty and leadership presentations—each one needs to be created fresh to stay on brand—that is, until you have templates.

Create your templates for the most common design requests, upload them in Marq, and watch your campus clients working like on-brand designers.

And if your team uses InDesign, you’ll love the direct integration. Build your templates inside InDesign, upload it, and POW! a Marq template ready for campus clients.

Streamline your approvals

Say goodbye to 32-email threads exchanging proofs and requesting tweaks.

Once campus clients create their assets inside of Marq, your team can add review notes directly inside the platform.

Plus, advanced admin permissions prevent exports without your approval. Your team can still have the final say to ensure that nothing off-brand goes to print.

Lockable brand elements

Logos, white space, fonts, department colors:
Not exactly where your clients should be getting creative with the brand.

With flexible lockability, your designers can lock down the most important elements—and still invite co-creation for the parts where there’s more room to play.

Drag-n-drop = no learning curve

Most of your campus clients aren’t designers, which might be why you still get approval requests for Word Docs.

And adoption of new tools isn’t always the easiest sell.

That’s why we built Marq as a drag-n-drop tool so that any campus client—from executive assistants to department chairs—can create the on-brand assets they need.
Doug Garcia

"We were able to keep them on brand without putting extra work on their plate."

- Doug Garcia, CSU’S Creative Service’s graphic designer
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Built for—and directly informed by— our higher ed customers. A whole board of them.

Many of our customers have tried Canva, but end up switching to Marq.

Why? Because we’re the only company (that we know of) to establish a Customer Advisory Board of higher ed customers.

Your colleagues told us how they wanted to grow with it, what more they need from it, and what features would benefit higher ed the most.

Since then, it’s directly informed product development so we could develop the #1 brand management tool built for colleges and universities.

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