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Every good book deserves to come in a great package. Now that you’ve finished writing, give your book an eye-catching cover with Marq’s free book cover maker software. With a powerfully intuitive editor, it’s never been easier to impress your audience… and yourself.

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Smart book cover templates

With a collection of great-looking book cover templates, our book cover maker gives you a foundation to start with. If you’re looking for a little inspiration or need a hand getting your cover done quickly, we can help. You can create a beautiful book cover in minutes with our pre-designed book cover templates. Customize by hand or upload your branding to access a collection of Smart Templates automatically customized to fit your brand.
Design a Book cover

Feature Highlights

Become a savvy book designer and publisher. We make it fun to bring your creative projects to life. With multi-page layouts, robust image management and smart brand controls, you and your team can collaborate online to create a book cover you're proud of. Check out our book cover design features below.

Hands-on, stress-free

Brand assets

Store and download custom brand assets (like logos, colors and fonts) into our asset hub for fast access.

Team collaboration on the clou

Web-based platform

With a web-based platform, no downloads or software installations are required, and you can access your Marq account from any browser or platform.

Flexible sharing

Data automation

With smart fields or our advanced data automation feature, you can auto-populate information in your templates, cutting down on repetitive content updates.

Easy import

Easy import

Marq integrates with your favorite tools to put content at your fingertips. Transfer text from a Google Doc or import photos from Dropbox, Facebook, or Google search so you can stay focused on your project.

Design a Book cover

How to make a book cover

Step 1: Select a style that works with your book

Decide on a portrait or landscape orientation—or you could even go for a different look, like a square. Select fonts and colors that fit well with the book’s style. At the same time, choose whether the focus of the book cover will be on the text or the imagery.

book cover example

Step 2: Consider your readers

Select images, a title, and other information that will connect with your target audience. Think about other elements of your book cover that you can use to attract readers. Your book cover is the first impression they’ll have of your work, so make it count.

book cover example

Step 3: Use visuals

Make sure each visual element is cohesive with one another and with the theme of the book. Choose a font that really brings your text to life. Decide on an image that helps to create a visual overview of the book.

book cover example

Step 4: Share your book cover with the world

Save both the digital and print versions of your book cover in a high-quality format. Now you can print it off or share it online. For example, you can use the cover to promote your upcoming book launch on social media. Let the whole world see your work.

book cover example

Save time with a book cover maker

It’s fast and easy to produce professional results with our book cover designer. Our templates and drag-and-drop functionality make designing your book cover quick, while still allowing for full customization. Templates give you a place to start, and you decide how much time you want to take customizing your cover. Either way, you’ll end up with a professional quality book cover design. With Marq, you won’t waste time learning how to use a complicated software that takes time and expertise to use. Marq is the perfect cross between a simple and a professional design tool.

Design a Book cover

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