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To attract a bigger crowd, you need to get people excited about church events. With a powerfully intuitive editor, it’s never been easier to impress your audience… and yourself.


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  • Quick and easy

    If you're not a graphic designer, don't worry. The Marq interface is easy enough for anyone to use—just drag and drop, then select elements to customize size, color, and more.

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  • Grow your brand

    Enforce brand standards without obstructing creativity or customization needs with lockable templates.

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  • Work together

    With Marq, making flyers can be a group activity. Try inviting colleagues to collaborate with you in real time from any device or platform. You can even chat and comment in the editor. Share centralized and custom-made templates and assets across your team.

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Feature highlights

You don’t have to be a brilliant designer to craft beautiful content. Whether you’re a team of one or a team of five, our brand templating platform makes it easy to create content and build your brand in the new design democracy.


Brand assets

Store and download custom brand assets (like logos, colors and fonts) into our asset hub for fast access.


Web-based platform

Instead of waiting for software to download, open Marq right in your browser. It's faster, more accessible, and always up-to-date.


Data automation

Smart Fields auto-populate information in your templates, so you don't have to chase down information.


Easy Import

Marq lets you import content for your church flyers from online sources, including Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive orUnsplash so you can stay focused on your work. Use our Indesign Import feature to import existing InDesign files and convert them to Marq templates.

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