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Bulk discounts. Multiple paperweights. Double-sided printing.

ProductDimensionsPackage SizePrice per packOptionsOptions Price
Flyer5.5" x 8.5"251+  $16.44
2+  $14.30
5+  $10.37
10+  $8.23
25+  $7.15
50+  $6.51
Double sided+$4.30
Flyer8.5" x 11"251+ $23.40
2+ $20.74
5+ $15.37
10+ $11.80
25+ $10.01
50+ $8.94
120 cover weight stock
Double sided
Multi-page Flyer8.5" x 11"11+  $0.43Double Sided+$0.10

Print Options

100# matte text paper

Similar to a high-quality printer paper with a silk coated front and back.


Prints on both the front and back of your flyer. Available for single-page and multi-page flyers.

120# matte cover paper

A thicker, silk-coated paper that’s stiffer and more durable. Material is similar to a business card.

Multi-page flyer

Prints multiple flyer pages of the same size.

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Create a professional flyer

Looking to showcase an upcoming promotional opportunity at your business? Or maybe you want to tap into a new set of customers? Either way, creating a professional, personalized flyer for your business is a great way to touch base with your community. Flyers can be custom-fit to reflect whatever needs your business has — from handouts, mailers and more. Get started customizing today!l