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Marq is the ideal design tool for creating free photobooks, whether you want a glossy printed spread or an embeddable photobook with image galleries and video. It’s simple to gather your photos, add text, and display them for your audience.


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Smart photobook templates — smarter you.

Design a photobook
  • Quick and easy

    Our intuitive, drag-and-drop editor makes creating on-brand content quick and easy.

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  • Grow your brand

    Advanced template locking empowers team members to customize co-owned templates — without going off-brand, in turn helping ensure content remains consistent.

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  • Empower your team

    Share templates and brand assets with multiple team members and assign team roles to control who has access to what.

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Feature highlights

Marq makes design easier than ever before. It’s full-featured, yet simple enough for a beginner to use.


Brand assets

Store and download custom brand assets (like logos, colors and fonts) into our asset hub for fast access.


Saves your work

We store every version of your project and automatically save your changes. Your documents are backed up hourly to multiple data centers—no more concerns about misplaced files or hard drive failures.


Data automation

Smart Fields auto-populate information and images in your templates, so you don't have to chase down information.


Import options

You probably have a lot of your photos stored on Facebook or in Dropbox. You can use Marq’s integrations to conveniently access those photos and easily add them to your photobook.

Design a photobook

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Frequently asked questions

What is a photobook maker?

Marq's photobook maker is a tool that allows you to design and create personalized photobooks by arranging your photos in a visually appealing and organized manner. With a variety of templates and customization options, you can turn your digital photos into physical keepsakes.

Can I add text to my photobook pages?

Absolutely! Marq's photobook maker offers the flexibility to add captions, descriptions, and text to your photobook pages. You can include dates, locations, and meaningful anecdotes to enhance the storytelling aspect of your photobook.

Are there different photobook themes available?

Yes, Marq's photobook maker provides a range of themes and styles to choose from. Whether you're creating a travel photobook, a wedding album, or a family photo collection, you can select a theme that complements the mood and subject of your photos.