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Quickly create and distribute a stunning family tree with the Marq brand templating platform. With our intuitive, drag-and-drop editor, creating beautiful family trees of your ancestry is easy for everyone.


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Get started fast with smart family tree templates 

Design a family tree
  • Easy family tree design

    Quickly create a unique visual of your family tree with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

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  • Edit photos

    Crop, mask and adjust brightness and contrast to update your photos in your family tree to your liking.

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  • Work with your family

    Collaborate with other family members on your family tree. Share the document with others and grant them permission to view, comment or edit.

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  • Share anywhere

    Quickly share your family tree by downloading, printing or publishing online.

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Why choose our family tree maker?

Learning about your lineage should be fun not a chore.


Web-based platform

No need to download or update software to create your family tree. Simply login from wherever you are.


Data automation

Skip entering in names and dates one-by-one. Instead, take advantage of smart fields and data automation to add family information to the design.


Easy Import

Import photos from Dropbox and Facebook or upload images from your computer. Images can be stored and sorted in Marq for easy access

Design a family tree

How to make a family tree

Get started quickly creating your family tree.

Choose a template

Choose from our collection of free family tree templates. Designs range from a classic line chart to a tree silhouette. Think about whether you want to include photos or additional information about each family member within the family tree.


Import files

Import family photos or other images you want to include in your family tree. Marq also integrates with Facebook and Dropbox.


Edit photos

Update photos to black-and-white, crop or mask them. Then, incorporate them into your family tree design.


Update family information

Add information about each family member. A typical family tree includes the family member’s full name. It can also include birth and death dates.


Share your family tree

Share your new family tree design with family and friends. Export a PDF version, print it out or present it as a slideshow at the next family reunion.


Get to know your heritage

Design a family tree

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a family tree using Marq's family tree maker?

Crafting a family tree with Marq is simple and engaging. Start by entering your family members' details, such as names, birthdates, and relationships, into our user-friendly interface. Customize the tree's design and layout to your preference, and add photos or historical documents to bring your family's history to life. Marq's family tree maker makes it easy to create a visual representation of your family's connections and heritage.

Can I collaborate with family members on building the family tree?

Absolutely! Marq's family tree maker offers collaboration features, allowing multiple family members to contribute to and edit the family tree. Invite relatives to join the project, share memories, and add their own branches to create a comprehensive and inclusive family history.

Can I include detailed information about each family member in the tree?

Yes, indeed! Marq's family tree maker allows you to add extensive details to each family member's profile. You can include information such as birth and death dates, occupations, historical events, and personal stories. This comprehensive approach enables you to create a rich and informative family tree that captures the essence of each individual's life.

Is there a way to print or share the completed family tree?

Certainly! Once your family tree is complete, you can easily export and share it. Marq's family tree maker provides options to download the tree as a PDF, image file, or even as a shareable link. You can print the family tree to display at family gatherings or share it digitally with relatives, preserving and celebrating your family's legacy.