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Integrate Marq with Slack

Marq allows you to integrate with Slack! Keep reading to see the new features you'll get when you install.


/marq command

Slack users can now use the /marq command to instantly create and share projects and documents for quick and easy collaboration.

Just type /marq in any Slack channel, and we'll post a link in that channel to a new project that anyone on your team can edit.

Share to Slack

Users can share their projects with public Slack channels or individual Slack users from Marq's Share dialog.

Installation is easy!

Click the Add to Slack button below. You'll need to log in or register a Marq account. You'll then be prompted by Slack to grant your Marq account access to enough information to allow us to give you the features listed above. Accept the installation, and you'll be all done!


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