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Lucidpress FAQs

Why did Lucidpress rebrand to Marq?

The rebrand from Lucidpress to Marq was driven by the company's commitment to adapt and innovate in a dynamic market landscape. Marq represents a fresh identity that aligns with the vision for the future, encompassing enhanced features and a broader range of creative solutions.

What changes have been made during the Lucidpress rebrand?

The rebranding to Marq involved updates in various aspects, including the name, logo, and overall brand vibe. The platform has been reimagined with a sleek new UX interface, making it more user-friendly than ever before. Additionally, Marq now offers expanded creative tools, such as graphic design, illustration, video editing, and animation.

Is the rebranded Lucidpress platform still similar to the original Lucidpress?

Yes, the essence of the original Lucidpress platform is preserved in Marq. Users can still import their brand identity and assets, convert assets to locked brand templates, and connect custom data for streamlined content creation. The transition to Marq ensures a smooth experience for existing Lucidpress users.

What benefits can users expect from the rebranded Lucidpress platform?

With Marq, users can expect a revitalized user experience with a more intuitive interface. The platform empowers individuals and teams to work collaboratively, sharing templates, finding relevant assets, and ensuring content adheres to brand guidelines. Marq aims to foster creativity and efficiency in all creative endeavors.
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