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How to print a banner

Banners, usually printed on vinyl, can help your brand make a big statement. This durable form of advertising works well both indoors & outdoors at expos, sales, grand openings, and other promotional events. Knowing how to make print banners will help you raise brand awareness and attract an audience.


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Purpose of print banners

Print banners grab attention in a way that smaller, "hand-out" materials (like brochures or flyers) just can't. If you want to announce a new & improved product, open a location in style, or introduce your brand to a crowd, print banners are an efficient and cost-effective choice. Create & customize your own print banners right here in Marq. Our easy drag-and-drop editor is packed full of features, and it's all available online. Upload brand logos & photos, add your text, change fonts & colors, and more—without any expensive or complicated design software. Get started now!

Design a banner

Ready to make your print banner?

A well-designed print banner will help you raise brand awareness and attract new customers. With Marq as your banner design software, you'll be surprised how easy it is to design a professional banner in minutes. Now that you know how to make print banners, get started with our print templates now.

Design a banner

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