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How to make an invitation

Invitations are a creative and personal way to invite guests to your event. All sorts of occasions call for invitations, from weddings and birthday parties to corporate get-togethers. Therefore, how you make invitations will depend on your audience.


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How to create an invitation

Step 1: Choose a design

Consider the theme of your event before choosing a design. Templates can provide inspiration on how to make invitations. Because you’re limited on space, you must prioritize which details to include.


Step 2. Pick the right size

Standard invitation size is 5" x 7" (or 10" x 14"), printed on sturdy card stock. However, you have the option to print vertically or horizontally. For more customization, you can choose single or double-sided, as well.


Step 3: Write your message

An invitation should answer the important questions (what, where, when) about your party or get-together, but it should also showcase some personality! Take advantage of fonts, colors, and clever headlines. And don't forget the details:

WHAT — This is the most important question to answer. If your recipient doesn't know what you're celebrating, it will lead to confusion and possibly their absence. Baby shower, wedding, birthday, graduation? Be clear!

WHEN — A good celebration needs a start date and time, but some times are more important than others. If the event is a surprise party, for example, instruct guests to arrive before the cut-off.


Step 4: Incorporate photos

Vibrant images and colors are inviting. Colors communicate emotion, and invitations with photos are more attractive. Upload your own photos, or use our Facebook & Dropbox import to find the right ones.


Step 5: Print your invitation

Digital invitations are convenient, but there's something special about receiving a printed invitation in the mail. Marq offers high-quality printing services, so we ship your invitations right to your door.


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