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How to make a business card

Business cards provide a tangible summary of your contact information for new colleagues, prospects and clients. Modern business cards are far from dull—you can incorporate color, digital assets and photos to make a lasting impression.


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Smart business card layouts

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How to create a business card

The quality of your business card leaves a powerful first impression. Using a well-designed layout will keep you professional. With one of our free templates, the legwork is done for you. Pick your preferred layout, and follow the instructions below to customize the business card to match your brand.

Step 1: Layout & typography

Business card layout ranges from traditional and straightforward to innovative and visually striking. If you don’t know how to make a business card fresh again, don’t get stuck in a rut. Try experimenting with your typeface, color background, and even the card’s shape! Do keep in mind, however, that black text on white cardstock is often the most cost-effective and may even be expected in certain industries.

Typography is an aspect of your business card which deserves careful thought. A simple change in typography can produce a dramatic effect. Experiment with the weight (regular, thin, bold, italic), font size, and placement within the business card. In Marq, you can right-click to duplicate your business card, then shuffle around the text elements.

It may seem intimidating to design a business card for the first time. Think about the image you want to project—an accountant, a graphic designer, and a freelance journalist will all have different audiences and goals for their business cards. Regardless of your industry, it’s a good idea to avoid novelty fonts and those that are difficult to read. Limit your font families to two per business card (one serif and one sans serif).


Step 2: Logos & Graphics

Marq makes importing images hassle-free: simply drag and drop an image onto the canvas, or upload images from your computer and cloud storage services like Dropbox. With JPG and PNG import, it’s easy to include your company’s logo on your business card. You could even include a headshot! Try Fast Icon for free icons that represent social media sites, email addresses and phone numbers.

Think about your audience. If your network is heavily invested in social media, it’s important to include your social profiles in your business card design. For example, LinkedIn is a natural fit for business settings. You can even create a Marq online portfolio and use a custom URL to include on your business card.

Remember that a business card should be easy to read, so any images you include shouldn’t overpower the text. If you use an image as the background, use a highly contrasting color for the font. If you want to use two or more colors in your business card design, a quick look at the color wheel can help you find the best complementary colors to use.


Step 3: Printing & Sharing

More than other document types, business cards are still very much a tangible piece of business collateral. This means that you will need to decide how to print your business cards and how many you will need. Printing at home is an option for one-off print runs, but it might end up being more difficult than you anticipate. The advantage of working with a professional printing service is that they can offer a wider range of paper types, sizes, orientations, and other customizations. Marq offers Print & Ship as an easy way to order high quality, professional business cards right inside our tool. Just click the button in the upper-right corner and select Order Prints.

Marq is at the forefront of layout and design programs when it comes to collaboration and sharing your documents. If you need a colleague’s input for your business card, simply hit Share, and you can revise in real time. You can even start a Google Hangout right from the canvas! If your printing service requests a specific layout (e.g., a print-ready PDF in 300 DPI), it’s easy to download and send your business card as an email attachment.


Ready to make your business card?

Marq is an all-in-one design and layout program. Start with a free business card template, edit the text, add images, revise the design, and order printed business cards—all from a single canvas. Try Marq today to see how easy it is to make the business card of your dreams.

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