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Design and send direct mail, with our direct mail marketing service

Create beautiful direct mail pieces and send them to multiple addresses with Marq’s Direct Mail Service.


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  • The easiest way to advertise by mail

    Whether it’s a postcard, invitation or flyer, Marq lets you design your marketing materials and send them off for delivery in a jiffy. Designs that are 4x6”, 6x11”, or 5.5x8.5” work seamlessly as a direct mail piece. Save your business from the tedious work of stamping and labeling mail by hand and let Marq's direct mail service do it instead.

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  • Grow your business

    From retail to restaurants to whatever your services may be, direct mail is one of the fastest ways to send targeted messaging to a targeted audience. Grow your customer base by putting your brand directly on their doorstep.

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  • Targeted mailing lists

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Feature highlights

Marq is a direct mail company with design and brand management capabilities, which means your direct mail campaigns can start and end on the same platform. Empower anyone in your organization to customize marketing materials without running the risk of misrepresenting your brand.


Direct mail templates

Create a direct mail design from scratch, or choose one from our library of professionally-designed direct mail pieces.


Variable data printing

Automatically update text or images from one printed piece to the next using a custom database — all without slowing down the print process.


Order approval

Ensure marketing materials are properly designed and brand-compliant before they can be sent to the printer. Toggle this feature on and off based on need.


Mail merge

Similar to InDesign's data merge, mail merge is used to insert bulk addresses on envelopes or postcards by syncing your template with an Excel-based data sheet.


Brand asset management

Store and manage brand images, fonts, and colors on the Brand Asset Manager, empowering co-workers to generate content quickly while remaining on-brand.


Custom print shop

Customize your print storefront to match the needs of your team. Adjust what templates are available, what elements of them are locked down, and who can access them.

Send mail to the masses in 3 simple steps

Design your mail

Create your direct mail piece in Marq using our easy drag-and-drop editor. Make sure the design is in one of the approved dimensions.

Write your message

Create a mailing list

Upload your list of recipients into Marq with a .csv file or use a targeted mailling list to direct your campaign.


Order your prints

Once your mailing list is uploaded to Marq, you'll proceed through the normal checkout process and we'll take it from there.

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