How does a small design team handle the brand marketing collateral for a fast-growing tech company with 18 locations across 10 countries? We talked to Jessica Birenz, Director of Project Management, and Alex Felsenstein, Associate Creative Director, to find out how brand templating — via customizable content and lockable templates — helps them manage a profusion of creative requests.

Industry: Tech
Location: New York City, New York

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Yext is a Search Experience Cloud platform that enables businesses and organizations to provide official answers to customer questions on their website, in search engines and across other online platforms. Yext has an in-house creative team with a global customer base. Yext has marketing teams around the world so creating content in a myriad of languages is a typical Tuesday for their design team



With an in-house creative team of only seven people responsible for the design needs of a company with 1,200+ employees, Yext needed a way to fulfill an increasing number of creative requests while maintaining high-quality standards. In need of a solution that would increase their teams’ efficiencies and make their ability to fulfill cumbersome production design tasks, Marq was the ideal fit.



With a recent initiative to promote new messaging for the company, the Yext creative team was tasked with launching 100+ sell sheets in multiple languages. A production design nightmare. Marq allowed them to create a sell-sheet template that international team members could easily access and translate for their corresponding market.



“The reason why our creative team exists is to present Yext to the world in an impactful, consistent, and buttoned-up way. Marq gives us the ability to do that by allowing others to have the freedom to create these assets on their own while still adhering to our brand guidelines.” - Alex Felsenstein, Creative Director

Brand templating with Marq has helped Yext put out a higher volume of on-brand marketing materials.

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