This real estate company is making waves by making it possible for people to buy a house before they sell their current one. As a growing startup with only one full-time designer, the marketing team is busy. We talked to Morgan Turner, Growth Marketing Manager at Orchard, to see how templatized content helps them get things done.

Industry: Real Estate
Location: New York City

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Orchard, a fast-growing startup, is radically simplifying the home buying and selling experience from search to close. They help you make a strong offer to buy your next home before selling your current one, so you never miss out on your dream home. After you move out they prep, list, and market your home to get you top dollar. Orchard’s customers have access to cutting-edge technology, as well as mortgage, title, and insurance options — all under one roof. Orchard is headquartered in New York City and offers its services in Colorado, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia.

Features they love

Templatized design

Morgan tells us that templates help Orchard stretch its marketing efforts further. “Being a small but nimble team, templatizing our collateral allows us to take creative that may be used for one situation and adjust it to fit into another business need.”

Template locking

“Our designer is able to maintain our brand standards by locking elements. In particular, it’s really great that we can lock the entire template, the style, the size, or all of the above. Since we don’t pass everything through our designer before pushing to press or posting, it’s great that we know we are producing work that still fits in with our brand guidelines and keeping everything up to Orchard standards.”

Brand asset hub

A central location for brand assets keeps colors, logos, fonts, and images all in one easily accessible place. “Just like the locking feature, this helps to ensure that all collateral we make is consistent with our branding.”



With a small marketing team for a large company, Orchard needed a viable solution for creating more content quickly: “We are always looking for ways to make our processes more efficient. Currently, we only have one full-time designer. Since she was strapped working on all our projects, and in particular a lot of our paid marketing campaigns, she didn’t have the time to make small copy changes or adjust the sizing of our assets. The main problem we wanted to solve was the ability for more people on the marketing team to be able to edit assets without having to wait for design help.”



Marq’s templates make it possible for Orchard’s brand team to organize and create the content they need when they need it. They no longer have a bottleneck of trying to get everything done with one designer, and new content stays on-brand with the help of the locking features.

Morgan tells us, “The ability to create templates ahead of time and then share them within our team allows us to bypass our designer and produce assets more quickly. Within the templates feature, it’s great that we have the ability to organize the templates by which vertical of the marketing team each template is for. And, our designer is able to lock features so that only certain elements of the templates are edited.”



Time saved

“Since the onboarding of Marq, our team has been able to work more efficiently, effectively, and quicker. Our brand and design team is small but supports many different parts of our business, so it was important that we find a technology that allows us to get more hands on when creating collateral. Marq truly has been a lifesaver!”

Better SEO

Orchard uses Marq to create monthly infographics for local markets, showing how real estate is trending in different areas. “Our designer has created a template in Marq for our team to use each month. Before using Marq, it would not have been possible for us to create these assets. Posting these graphics on our blog is important because the more content we create on our site, the better our SEO presence is.”

More effective content

“We now have the ability to templatize our collateral, and we’ve been able to produce more content and use it in a more effective way. We're able to quickly customize assets by market and audience, leading to more powerful marketing. Those assets are being shared company-wide and have ultimately helped transform our company into a billion-dollar business.”

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