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Building brand authority doesn’t happen in a day — but all it takes is a series of small inconsistencies to undo the hard work put into brand visibility. Read how the folks at First Team, led by the Director of Marketing Sandy Chang, got ahead of the game and offset this potential obstacle before the penalties added up.

Industry: Real Estate
Location: Irvine, CA

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First Team is Southern California’s premier real estate company. What began as one office on Huntington Beach in 1976 ballooned into 38 office locations throughout Southern California, with 2,200+ associates under its wings.

Features they love

Brand control

The First Team marketing department gets the control they need to ensure maximum brand consistency — without totally obstructing or bottlenecking agents’ need for collateral or content.

Intuitive platform

Marq empowers First Team to consolidate all of their branded content under one, easy-to-use umbrella.


With Marq, agents at First Team could adjust templates quickly and achieve a completely different look easily, enabling them to cater to a wider market range than previous collateral afforded them.



As a company grows, maintaining brand consistency is imperative. For First Team, managing compliance and brand consistency across all agents and sub-brands was proving itself a difficult endeavor. It perpetuated a vicious cycle in the production of off-brand content that jeopardized the brand authority First Team worked so hard to instill. In other words: off-brand, rogue content was doing First Team and Sandy Chang’s team zero favors. Ultimately, First Team needed a platform that permitted Chang’s marketing team to consolidate approved assets in one location and functioned as a tool to maintain and execute brand strategy.



While searching for a tool that best fit First Team’s needs, Chang discovered Marq. With Marq, the marketing team could have seemingly effortless brand control via professionally designed templates — over a myriad of components ranging from file uploads to who-moved-what-logo-where. In addition to brand control, Marq doubled as a centralized hub where agents could access templates and further customize assets to specifically reflect a particular demographic or target market area, catering and appealing to more customers.



A sigh of relief

Chang’s marketing team and First Team’s agents were relieved and in awe that such a product existed.

Ease of production

From the agent perspective, Marq was anything but clunky. With the help of a little bit of onboarding, the platform was robust yet felt intuitive and easy-to-use regardless of your technological experience.

Brand consistency

From the marketing team’s perspective, Marq alleviated anxiety surrounding brand consistency and authority. Plus, it helped reduce pressures affiliated with work requests and allowed the team to focus on high-visibility strategies and efforts instead of day-to-day collateral needs.

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