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Chestnut Park

Chestnut Park

Stuck in a whirlwind of rogue collateral and small edit requests, Chestnut’s managing graphic designer was beyond bogged down. See what happened when he enlisted the help of Marq templates.

Industry: Real Estate
Location: Ontario, Canada

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One of Ontario’s leading luxury real estate companies, Chestnut Park partners with over 300 top real estate agents to serve a wide range of clients looking to buy and sell residences across the province.

Features they love

Real-time edits

The intuitive drag-and-drop platform allows for easy visualization of the end product.

Lockable templates

Protecting agents and brokers from creating off-brand collateral.

Easy sharing

Letting others collaborate or download is as easy as the click of a button.



Prior to Marq, Chestnut Park's agents had two options when it came to creating marketing collateral: 1) use Imprev, a third-party template maker that required agents to submit requests 2-3 weeks in advance or 2) take a stab at designing their own collateral instead. Maria, Director of Marketing, knew she needed to figure out a way to clean up the process or Chestnut would continue to suffer from either slow or improper branding.



Prompted by one of her agents to look into Marq, Maria was impressed by the simple drag-and-drop solution. She knew her agents would appreciate the ability to update their collateral on the fly vs. entering information field by field on Imprev. Once implemented, Marq helped Maria's team cut down their collateral creation timeline from 2-3 weeks to a matter of minutes all while keeping everything on brand.



An elevated brand

In the words of Maria, “We are a luxury brand, we can't make mistakes. We know we need to stay competitive and elevate not only the corporate brand, but agents' brands as well.” Marq has ensured all levels of the Chestnut brand remain consistent and polished so it stays memorable against the competition.

Reduced turnaround time from weeks to minutes

Instead of waiting 2-3 weeks for a third party to create new templates, Chestnut Park agents and brokers can have fresh new collateral in a matter of minutes. Maria's team simply has to create a template in Marq, and click "Share".

Streamlined communication

Prior to Marq, major template edits required a series of back-and-forth emails between agents, Philip, and their third-party software provider. Now, Philip can simply leave a comment or tweak a layout for agents and brokers in a matter of minutes.

Happy agents, happy business

When agents are provided the resources and tools they need, Chestnut Park is more likely to retain their best employees and have an advantage over competition.

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