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Create, distribute, manage, protect & organize your content with Marq — the content marketing platform that keeps your brand in check.

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What is a content marketing platform?

A content marketing platform is a tool or software that helps marketing teams plan and create content to support lead generation and sales enablement activities. A content marketing platform keeps all of your content creation in one place, so marketing teams can work efficiently.

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Why Marq?


The Marq content marketing platform integrates with your key distribution channels including MailChimp, Constant Contact and social media. All content can be exported or published digitally.


Project management is a key part of content marketing. With a content marketing platform, multiple users can work on the same document, leave comments directly on the document and view changes in real-time.


Curious which content gets viewed the most? Add Google Analytics to any published document to see how many users view each piece of content.

Eliminates silos

Content marketers support lead generation, sales enablement and customer retention. When these teams operate in silos, content is lost or forgotten. Content marketing software keeps all of your content and brand assets in one location where every team member can find them.

Scales content

With the Marq content marketing platform, organizations can scale content creation by giving any employee who uses content access to make small customizations to content as they need it.

Better governance

With the ability to lock down critical brand assets on each piece of content and an optional content approval process, the marketing team can ensure all content stays on-brand.

"[Marq] makes it easy for people to create their own content without having to impact my department too much. They get what they need without us having to worry about them going off brand."

— Beth Hayes

Head of Marketing
University of Gloucestershire

How it works

Oodles of content marketing templates

Our software includes a vast library of professionally designed templates. You can also create your own from scratch or import an existing template from InDesign. It's your content, designed your way.


Protect your brand from going rogue

Your business's logos, images, fonts & colors can all be stored in the Marq editor for easy access. Lock down these assets in your templates to ensure the brand stays protected after it reaches the hands of team members.

Custom content, disruption-free

Define your preferred user permissions, then let team members collaborate on cloud-based templates in real time. They’ll be able to customize marketing collateral themselves without disrupting the brand or requiring the help of a designer. Toggle our Review & Approve feature on and off for added control.

Share & deliver like crazy

Members of your organization can publish digital copies of their documents, share them directly to social media, order prints and even deliver direct mail. This can all be done straight from the Marq marketing portal too.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Content Marketing Management?

Content marketing management is a strategic approach to planning, creating, distributing, and analyzing content to achieve marketing goals. It involves coordinating content across various platforms and channels to engage and attract your target audience, ultimately driving brand awareness, leads, and conversions.

How can Content Marketing Management benefit my business?

Effective content marketing management ensures consistency in your messaging, enhances brand credibility, and nurtures customer relationships. By aligning content with your audience's needs and preferences, you can establish thought leadership, improve SEO, and create valuable touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

What features does Marq's Content Marketing Management offer?

Marq's Content Marketing Management provides a unified platform for planning editorial calendars, collaborating with teams, creating content, scheduling posts, and analyzing performance metrics. It integrates tools for keyword research, content optimization, social media scheduling, and campaign tracking to help you maximize your content's impact.

Is Content Marketing Management suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, content marketing management is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, organized content planning and execution lead to better ROI. Marq's solutions cater to businesses at different stages, offering scalable features to meet your specific content marketing needs.
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