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Easily access all of your on-brand photos, videos, and other creative assets directly from the Marq platform.


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About PhotoShelter

Founded in 2005, PhotoShelter is an industry-leading digital asset management solution that helps you organize, manage, distribute, instantly share, and collaborate with your team on digital content. With 5+ billion assets securely managed and nearly 100 million annual downloads, PhotoShelter is the fastest, easiest, and most intuitive way to manage and automate your end-to-end content workflow to drive your brand engagement, get better ROI from content and improve efficiency across your team. That’s why thousands of organizations and enterprises globally like Delta Airlines, FreshDirect, IMG Golf, Wendy’s, and more trust PhotoShelter with their success.

I would definitely describe PhotoShelter as that next step in your asset management if you are really trying to get robust in your content creation and have a lot of stakeholders that you need to communicate with. It’s a great tool to house all of that in one spot and access it on mobile or anywhere you are.
Justin Keyes-Bundy, Digital Content Manager at Visit Bend

PhotoShelter and Marq

PhotoShelter is the leading Digital Asset Management platform to effortlessly manage, collaborate and share your visual media with the world. Connecting PhotoShelter to Marq enables the sync of brand-approved assets across all templates and marketing collateral.

Add approved media to Marq templates in seconds

Drag and drop professional photos and media from PhotoShelter directly into your Marq projects.

Maintain brand compliance

Ensure every piece of content that is shared with a customer uses approved brand media 

Integration Pricing

Free with a Marq Enterprise Plan


Browse all PhotoShelter media through folders or search by image name or tag.
Allow users to easily access PhotoShelter assets within the Marq Editor
Resize and modify PhotoShelter assets that are uploaded to Marq Editor

Use cases

  • On-brand media at your fingertips

    With the PhotoShelter integration, Marq users can instantly access their full library of approved media without leaving the platform. This shortens turnaround times and ensures every asset that's shared is on-brand.

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