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Nobody makes it easier to organize, find, and share your brand’s digital content

Digital Asset Management

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About Canto

A global leader in digital asset management software, Canto makes it easy to organize, find, and share your brand’s digital content. With all of your brand assets in one place, you retain control and oversight while ensuring everyone has on-demand access to the content they need. 

Serving as a content hub for your technology ecosystem, Canto streamlines workflows, enhances brand oversight, and boosts productivity — empowering top brands around the world to leverage images, videos, and other digital brand assets efficiently and effectively. 

We have not found another platform that enables the searching capability like Canto. It also removes any administrative work from our team on having to create keywords or search terms to enable other team members to find the assets. We are very grateful for Canto especially when it comes to searching through hundreds or thousands of stock images especially.
Lauren Gummelt, National Marketing Manager at Lincoln Property Company

Canto and Marq

With Canto and Marq working in sync, you can manage your creative assets in Canto and unleash your creativity in Marq — for easy, seamless creative workflows. 

Add visuals to projects and templates in seconds

Drag and drop images from Canto directly into your Marq projects. No downloading and uploading. No switching between tabs.

Make it easy to stay on brand

Ensure the right look and feel on every project by using approved brand assets directly from Canto. 

No need for duplicate copies of images and designs

Create and collaborate from a single source of truth, avoiding unnecessary duplication, version mix-ups, and parallel image collections.

Integration Pricing

Free with a Marq Enterprise Plan


Allow users to easily access Canto assets within the Marq Editor
Browse media through folders or search by image name or tag
Resize and modify Canto assets that are uploaded to Marq Editor

Use cases

  • Organize and find all of your digital content in one place

    With a unified, organized library, everyone always knows where to find the content they need — and all the information that goes with it. Your Canto library is fully searchable, putting everything at your fingertips in seconds.

  • Give people on-demand access to approved digital assets

    Effortlessly deliver digital content to other teams, external partners, and collaborators. You retain control and oversight while ensuring everyone has on-demand access to the content they need.

  • Manage your brand and content

    Give your team access to the resources they need to produce on-brand content at scale. Built-in digital rights management, version controls, approval settings, and other control features ensure only approved content goes out into the world.

  • Streamline workflows

    Work more efficiently by connecting your digital content library to the tools you use every day — cutting tedious steps from day-to-day tasks and boosting productivity.

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