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Need a full-featured, affordable alternative to pricey desktop software? Marq is the cloud-based tool you've been looking for.


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  • Quick and easy

    Our intuitive, drag-and-drop editor makes creating on-brand content quick and easy.

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  • Grow your brand

    Advanced template locking empowers team members to customize co-owned templates — without going off-brand, in turn helping ensure content remains consistent.

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  • Empower your team

    Share templates and brand assets with multiple team members and assign team roles to control who has access to what.

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Feature highlights

Marq's powerful features set it apart from other web-based design programs and InDesign alternatives.


Brand assets

Store and download custom brand assets (like logos, colors and fonts) into our asset hub for fast access.


Web-based platform

Forget those expensive desktop programs. Marq offers a browser-based user experience that's indistinguishable from that of a downloaded product. This free InDesign alternative will help you tackle any project you have.


Data automation

Smart Fields auto-populate information in your templates, so you don't have to chase down information.


Easy Import

For a final touch, you can import photos and content from Facebook, Unsplash, Dropbox, Google Docs, or even Youtube. Marq gives you access to a community of powerful tools on the web with these smart integrations.

Best indesign alternatives

Although there are many alternatives to InDesign, we encourage you to skip complicated, costly software and design platforms. Marq offers you the most comprehensive InDesign alternative on the market, and you can get started for free right now.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign works on Windows and Mac. To use it, you need to have a subscription to Creative Cloud. That can cost you $20.99 every month for a single app—or $52.99 per month for the whole Adobe suite. InDesign is a desktop publisher which works best for users with advanced skills, so expect a steep learning curve. It’s a popular choice for creating print and digital designs. InDesign’s proprietary format is .indd, though you can export to formats like .swf and .epub.



QuarkXPress is available for Windows and Mac. It doesn’t come cheap; you have to pay $849 to use it. Due to this price tag and its robust feature set, QuarkXpress is best for people with intermediate to advanced design skills. The software also comes with features not seen in other desktop publishers. QuarkXpress is able to handle most file formats.


Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher only works with Windows. You’ll have to pay $109.99 to use it—or $99.99 annually with Office 365. Though it has a high price tag, it’s an excellent platform to use for beginners. That simplicity does come with a caveat, since it’s not a great choice for professionals. Publisher focuses mainly on page design and layout. Its proprietary file format .pub can be exported to other formats.



Scribus is an open-source desktop publishing software that works on any operating system and is completely free. Some of its unique features include storing data in XML format, so it can be read with any text editor. Scribus is also known for having wide selection of color pallets.



Canva is an online design tool best used for creating social media graphics. Canva offers both free and paid plans at $12.95/month. With a simple, drag-and-drop functionality and thousands of templates, Canva is a popular InDesign alternative for non-designers. While great for simple graphics, Canva has limited desktop publishing capabilities to layout multi-page documents.


Questions? We’ve got answers.

Is a Viable Replacement for Adobe InDesign?

Yes, offers a robust alternative to Adobe InDesign. Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of design tools, allowing you to create professional-quality layouts, documents, and graphics with ease.

Can I Import My Existing InDesign Projects to

Absolutely! simplifies the transition by enabling you to import your existing Adobe InDesign projects. Our intuitive import process ensures that your creative projects seamlessly migrate to our platform.

What Collaborative Features Does Offer Compared to InDesign? takes collaboration to the next level when compared to InDesign. With real-time collaborative editing, commenting, and sharing features, teams can work together seamlessly, streamlining communication and accelerating project completion.

How Does Ensure Design Precision in Comparison to InDesign? prioritizes design precision by offering modern templates and advanced design tools that rival those of InDesign. Our platform empowers you to create intricate designs and layouts, providing the precision you need for your creative projects.

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