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How is Marq better than Canva?

The right design tool you choose has a dramatic impact on the success of your visual content strategy. We can’t tell you which is best without bias. So instead of a side-by-side comparison, we'll focus on who Marq is for (and not for) and the main reasons people switch to Marq.

Which platform is 
right for you?

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Marq is for you if:
  1. You're a designer or brand custodian looking to maintain brand consistency.
  2. You need advanced data automation to streamline your design projects.
  3. You prioritize design control and granular template locking features.
  4. You’re serious about user permissions and approvals flow.
  5. You want to import anything from Indesign files, to Canva templates, to PDFs and turn them into templates.
  6. You care about efficient brand template organization.
  7. You want a design tool that integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud.
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Canva is for you if:
  1. You’re a beginner in design and need an easy-to-use tool.
  2. You prioritize creative freedom over strong brand consistency.
  3. You're comfortable with a simplistic folder approach for template organization.
  4. You need video content and animated designs.
  5. You don’t have a team that needs design direction.
  6. You don't prioritize automation or advanced data integration.
  7. You prefer a larger variety of designs and templates over branded ones.

Marq made our design team of four feel like an army of 40.

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Kelly Hiller

Exec. Director of Creative Services
Purdue University

5 reasons people choose Marq over Canva:

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Guarantee Brand Consistency

Say goodbye to stretched logos, off-brand colors, and rogue content. Marq gives designers the ability to lock down editing of important aspects of their designs and maintain brand consistency.

Personalization with Data Automation

Speed up content creation by import data. Set up automated processes to save time and energy while creating designs.
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Reduce Creative Requests

Clear your backlog and remove long wait times and cut out repetitive design requests. With branded templates, your teams can self-serve while always staying on brand.

Design Anywhere

With Marq, you can design in our robust but intuitive editor, or import anything from InDesign files, to Canva templates, to PDFs and turn them into re-usable templates.
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Built for Designers

Marq is built for those needing strong design control, making it a preferred choice for brand custodians.

Ongoing Support

Support with Marq means enjoying email, live chat, and screen sharing at your fingertips. With full support hours running from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm MT, you’ll be able to resolve issues in real-time, more efficiently and effectively.
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It’s easy to get started

Create a branded document with Marq in minutes:


Create a free account with your email


Choose a template that elevates your brand


Customize it with your colors, fonts, & images

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We have thousands of templates 
to get you started fast

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Questions? We’ve got answers.

How does Marq compare to Canva in terms of professional design capabilities

Marq is tailored for professional-grade design needs, making it ideal for businesses and teams. Unlike Canva, Marq offers advanced features like data automation, dynamic content, and intricate layout options, empowering users to create complex designs that stand out.

Can Marq match Canva's user-friendly approach for quick design projects?

While Canva is known for its user-friendly interface, Marq focuses on providing more in-depth design capabilities, particularly for brand management and collaboration. So, if you're seeking quick and simple designs, Canva might be more suitable, but Marq offers more comprehensive design tools.

What sets Marq apart regarding brand consistency compared to Canva?

Marq shines when it comes to maintaining brand consistency. Unlike Canva, Marq offers robust brand management features, enabling users to create, store, and manage brand assets for designs. This ensures that every design adheres to your brand's guidelines, which is especially valuable for businesses.

How does collaborative design differ between Marq and Canva?

Marq takes collaborative design to the next level with real-time collaboration, feedback integration, and team workflows. While Canva also offers collaboration features, Marq's focus on teamwork and remote collaboration make it a preferred choice for businesses with distributed teams.

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