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Personalize your sales collateral with one click.

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Marq offers a variety of templates to help teams create more personalized materials to share with their prospects. 

  • Create personalized sales decks with one click
  • Keep marketing happy with on-brand content
  • Populate prospect data directly from Salesforce

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Effective sales teams personalize their collateral with Marq

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Spend more time selling

"Sales managers can allow their people to focus on prospecting and building relationships and not spinning their wheels being a designer."

Fidelity National Financial

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Send proposals faster

"We once had a very short turnaround and I was able to say, 'Actually, I have a template I can use. I can pull together a proposal for you in 40 minutes.' We could have never done that before."

Sotheby's Auction House

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Don't wait on design

"Marq introduced the concept of self-serve design requests to our business. For the very first time, not everything has to go through our design team."


More time selling. Less time creating content.

By empowering sales with a library of brand templates, reps can quickly customize assets for customers while guaranteeing assets stay on brand.

Plus, data integrations make it possible to customize content with the click of a button.

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